Lets Take a In Depth Look at AMD's 16-Core Ryzen 9 3950X Processor

Last month at Computex 2019, AMD revealed their Ryzen 3000 product line that consisted of Zen 2 desktop CPU's. One processor that stoked interest from me is the 16-Core Ryzen 9 3950X, the company's newest next-generation top-end processor. Having time to read and digest all of what AMD has to offer, this particular piece of hardware potentially is limitless in regards to high performance and power.

Let's dive deep into the Ryzen 9 3950X and examine standout features within this processor. Read on.

LG Launches The UltraGear NanoIPS Monitors

LG have have two new monitors for you gamer die-hard  who are looking for that visually stunning gaming experience. First I present you the massive 38-inch 38GL950G which has a 3840 x 1440 resolution and the 27-inch variant 27GL850 sporting a 2560 x 1440  resolution. 

Hardware Breakdown Presents: Apple's New Mac Pro

At the annual WWDC 2019, Apple announced its new Mac Pro. Making it six years since the company last introduced the glossy trash can desktop, 2013 to be exact. The latest iteration reverts to the traditional Apple classic cheese grater design. The new Mac Pro interior structure is more modular and flexible in regards to hardware upgrade, addressing one of the biggest problems of the last generation Mac Pro design. The trash can variant had known thermal issues, and it was challenging to upgrade hardware.

SteelSeries Has Announced What Could Be The World's Most Versatile Keyboard

Hot of the press out of Computex, SteelSeries has just unveiled two new mechanical keyboards the Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL both featuring the brand new Omni Point Adjustable Actuation Switches. Not the standard mechanical keyboard you're used to seeing as these particular keyboards contain magnetic sensors that allow users to adjust the actuation distance between different applications aided by the SteelSeries Engine.

NZXT Unveils The H-Series Refresh PC Cases and The H510 Elite

I have such a thing for sleek looking compact PC cases its probably the most dominant published post on this website. Well, I'd add to the long list of post that entails chassis as NZXT have refreshed H-Series Elite product line. Their new compact mid-tower design offers up the tempered glass on the side and front panels. Inside the case is what has gained my attention as it includes an AER RGB 2 intake fans and a built-in HUE 2 RGB lighting strip. There is a load of features to mention in the H510 Elite PC case, the features provided by NZXT includes the following.

The MacBook Pro Update Will Come Refreshed With a New Keyboard and Updated CPUs

With Huawei dominating the news this week, Apple has quietly gone about its business by implementing updates to their MacBook Pro, expanding CPU options for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. This is the second time in almost a year Apple has instituted updates to their flagship laptops. The 15-inch MacBook will advance to an Intel 9th generation 8-core processor the first ever in its product line. While the 13-inch model won't see a significant bump up in its processor like it's 15-inch mate but still will see modest upgrades. The new changes to the MacBook Pro will not impact the current price point.

Five Things You Should Consider When Buying a PC Monitor

Without monitors pretty much PC's are useless. They offer views to everything from games, photos, and video, and also its a viewing guide to all the apps you have stored on your computer. Knowingly, manufacturers are aware usage is different with each; that's why the market is saturated with several options.

Either way, what's important is how your computer used in terms of what you're looking for in a monitor. If you're engaging mundane task on the PC such as web surfing, reading and sending emails, you'll likely elect for the cheaper monitor. Graphically intense gaming, viewing HD video, depending on your budget, lean towards getting a 5K, 4K, Quad HD or HD would be your best option. With that said, you need to ask yourself several questions before purchasing a monitor. What I'm looking for in regards to refresh rates and response times? Do I need a flicker-free, low blue light, G-Sync, or Free-Sync monitor? The answers to these questions are in this written post.

Enough with the rambling, now its time I aid you readers on what you should look for when buying a PC monitor.

The Falcon Northwest is Indeed a Beast, Here's Why

While scouring the world wide web, I came across what I consider to be the most impressive system I've seen to date, the Falcon Northwest Tiki gaming PC. It has everything I'm looking for in an impeccably built system that has a Great chassis design infused with impressive hardware as expected.

Let's Take a Close Look at My Samsung Galaxy S 10-Plus Camera Shall We?

The Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus has been in my possession now for two weeks now, and I know I’m a bit late in the game with my opinionated take on this device which has now been on the market for three months. And trust me, there are tons of reviews on the web for your choosing. Rather than give my review on the whole device, I decided to examine an essential feature that lends uniqueness to the smartphone overall. For me, by far the most impressive hardware in the Galaxy S 10-Plus is the camera or camera’s plural as there are several on this device.

Why The Gigabyte Z390 Designare Motherboard Should Be Included In My Next PC Build

I’m in the process of putting together a high-end PC which I'll use for content creation and 4K gaming. One piece hardware I have sights on is the Gigabyte Z 390 Designare motherboard. One of the few boards by the company based on the Socket-1151 platform constructed entirely for Intel's latest 8th and 9th generation Coffee Lake processors. From a design perspective, the motherboard is very sleek yet has an intimidating look sporting an all black aesthetic with a hint of silver highlights scattered all over the board. Even the VRM heat-sink is deck with a silver and black motif color scheme. What you don't see with this particular motherboard is an overabundance of RGB lighting which for me is a personal preference.

Lets Talk About The PS5 and Its Pending Hardware That Will Be Under The Hood

It seems gaming consoles have a 6 to 7-year life cycle before companies (Microsoft and Sony) manufacture a whole new iteration that includes new and advanced hardware and design. Look no further than current Xbox One and PS4. Both gaming consoles made their market release in 2013 with the PS3 the enjoying it's six-year cycled run. Sony has officially given full details on the PS5 hardware, expected pending release will be in 2020. If this is so it will follow another six-year cycle. Components revealed by Sony's chief of hardware, Mark Cerny will be nothing short of being impressive.

How To Properly Setup Amazon Echo "Hey Alexa"

By chance, if you're in the process of purchasing an Amazon Echo, then you stumbled upon the right post. I was given the awhile back Echo device as a gift and partook in the whole setup which isn't difficult at all. Still there many who don't have the tech savvy or confidence to set up such a device. So it's my obligation to you readers to put together a detail step-by-step guide on how to set up Echo. My particular model is the Plus variant which is the 2nd Gen version.

Hardware Breakdown Presents: My Very Own Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

It's quite some time since I've posted a hardware breakdown that always included PC related hardware or I would do an examined observation on a computer entirely. Admittedly, I was running out ideas which are why I haven't posted this feature on this website. Then a thought entered the brain, why not do a hardware breakdown on a recently purchased wearable tech. The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch has been on my wrist for two weeks. I must say, the engineering feat achieved in this watch piece is quite impressive.

Hardware breakdown presents, the Galaxy smartwatch, let's get out the tools and use the imagination a bit and take a look at some of the more impressive core components.

Gigabyte Releases To Market The Aorus RGB AIC NVMe SSD

What’s a custom built gaming system these days without RGB lighting, you most certainly will find them pre-installed in some PC cases, but now they're making its way onto memory modules and cooling apparatuses. This trend is now seeing itself on storage devices. Proof of such claim is what you have with Gigabyte latest SSD. Announced at CES 2019, Gigabyte's Aurora RGB AIC NVMe SSD is now primed and ready for consumer purchase. It made its official debut on the company's website available in two storage variants, 512GB and 1TB.

Razer Releases The Turret Gaming Mouse and Keyboard For Xbox One

For those who loathe playing FPS games using the console's controller, good news Razer has you covered as they just released its branded Turret gaming keyboard and mouse which was announced back 2018 for the Xbox One. The combo keyboard and mouse has several exciting features that include a Razer Chroma, 5G advanced optical sensors, and 2.4GHz wireless connection.

Since Apple Decided To Cancel AirPower Here's a Few Alternatives

In an un-Apple-like move last week the company decided to cancel AirPower. This wireless charging device was capable of charging the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

But there are fully functional devices similar to AirPower already on the market. Now the caveat is most of these devices don't do what the AirPower was promised; you have to place your device on dedicated spots for the charge to take place. Nevertheless, you might want to take a look at these three wireless charges I've listed below this intro.