The New Galaxy Note 10, What's Changed and What's Still The Same

It’s been a week since Samsung unveiled their top-end flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10. I've had plenty of time to digest all of its features and hardware specs presented on the device. But before we get into the topic at hand, I want to point out much like the Galaxy 10 series, there are three versions. There's the Galaxy Note 10, the Note 10 Plus and the 5G variant. Let us direct our focus on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

I'm Purchasing Another Pair Of Truly Wireless Earbuds, Here's What I Really Need To Look For

The MiFo 05 wireless earbuds have been in my possession for a few months, and I must say these are a decent pair of earbuds. Impressive, yes, but while using these earbuds, I've discovered some glaring issues. For one, accessing controls on the earbuds requires you to use physical force, which makes the ears overall very uncomfortable. Skipping music tracks or answering phone calls can be a bit cumbersome. I usually end up pushing the earbuds further into my ear canal. Also, you can only receive audio calls in one earbud which is another issue.

In Comes The New Patriot Entry Level P200 SATA SSD

Patriot adds to a market saturated with cheaply priced SSDs with there new P200 series. It serves as an latest entry-level solid-state drives that feature a SATA 6 Gbps interface, storage capacities coming in at 256GB, 5122GB, 1TB and 2TB. Like most SSD's on the market the P200 series, will fall in budget category regarding price and performance.

Explanation Needed: What is PCIe 4.0?

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express known abbreviation as PCIe which is serial computer bus expansion slot that's occupied by the graphics cards, networking cards and NVMe hard drives. Every few years or so, the expansion bus standard makes improvements to data throughput. Currently, desktop systems are using third-gen iteration, or PCIe 3.0. But that's all about to change.

Hardware Breakdown Presents: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

Right off the outset of AMD's market release of their newest flagship processor, published reviews are already out, and the vast majority have all given the Ryzen 9 3900X positive reviews. Some are saying the processor is almost on par with Intel's Core i9 9900K. So, of course, I'm rather intrigued by what this processor has to offer. I've viewed the benchmark scores and gathered enough information to discuss at length the core features and specs that make AMD's flagship CPU garnished a great deal of attention from many tech pundits such as myself.

My 2019 PC Build Guide Via PC PartPicker

Every two years or so, I put together an entirely new PC from the ground up that includes new chassis, and hardware. As a guide I almost use the ever so trusted PC PartPicker. This time around I'm going to list specific hardware I plan on using and explain why in this post.

Explanation Needed: What is Thermal Throttling?

Thermal throttling is probably the most overlooked troubleshoot when trying to diagnose any problematic issue concerning PCs that’s suddenly slowed to a crawl. Often we'll attribute it to a virus or malware when in reality it could be anything. But in some cases, an overheated processor could be the contributing factor in most computer slowdowns.

Let me explain.

Lets Take a In Depth Look at AMD's 16-Core Ryzen 9 3950X Processor

Last month at Computex 2019, AMD revealed their Ryzen 3000 product line that consisted of Zen 2 desktop CPU's. One processor that stoked interest from me is the 16-Core Ryzen 9 3950X, the company's newest next-generation top-end processor. Having time to read and digest all of what AMD has to offer, this particular piece of hardware potentially is limitless in regards to high performance and power.

Let's dive deep into the Ryzen 9 3950X and examine standout features within this processor. Read on.

LG Launches The UltraGear NanoIPS Monitors

LG have have two new monitors for you gamer die-hard  who are looking for that visually stunning gaming experience. First I present you the massive 38-inch 38GL950G which has a 3840 x 1440 resolution and the 27-inch variant 27GL850 sporting a 2560 x 1440  resolution. 

Hardware Breakdown Presents: Apple's New Mac Pro

At the annual WWDC 2019, Apple announced its new Mac Pro. Making it six years since the company last introduced the glossy trash can desktop, 2013 to be exact. The latest iteration reverts to the traditional Apple classic cheese grater design. The new Mac Pro interior structure is more modular and flexible in regards to hardware upgrade, addressing one of the biggest problems of the last generation Mac Pro design. The trash can variant had known thermal issues, and it was challenging to upgrade hardware.

SteelSeries Has Announced What Could Be The World's Most Versatile Keyboard

Hot of the press out of Computex, SteelSeries has just unveiled two new mechanical keyboards the Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL both featuring the brand new Omni Point Adjustable Actuation Switches. Not the standard mechanical keyboard you're used to seeing as these particular keyboards contain magnetic sensors that allow users to adjust the actuation distance between different applications aided by the SteelSeries Engine.

NZXT Unveils The H-Series Refresh PC Cases and The H510 Elite

I have such a thing for sleek looking compact PC cases its probably the most dominant published post on this website. Well, I'd add to the long list of post that entails chassis as NZXT have refreshed H-Series Elite product line. Their new compact mid-tower design offers up the tempered glass on the side and front panels. Inside the case is what has gained my attention as it includes an AER RGB 2 intake fans and a built-in HUE 2 RGB lighting strip. There is a load of features to mention in the H510 Elite PC case, the features provided by NZXT includes the following.

The MacBook Pro Update Will Come Refreshed With a New Keyboard and Updated CPUs

With Huawei dominating the news this week, Apple has quietly gone about its business by implementing updates to their MacBook Pro, expanding CPU options for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. This is the second time in almost a year Apple has instituted updates to their flagship laptops. The 15-inch MacBook will advance to an Intel 9th generation 8-core processor the first ever in its product line. While the 13-inch model won't see a significant bump up in its processor like it's 15-inch mate but still will see modest upgrades. The new changes to the MacBook Pro will not impact the current price point.