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The iPhone 6-Plus Revisited Three Months Later: Likes and Dislikes

Its been almost 4 months since I’ve purchased the iPhone 6-Plus which by the way is my daily driver. I must admit,I’m a long time iPhone owner, but I was this close to getting the Galaxy Note 4 because I wanted the experience of using a Android base smartphone.In the end,I decided get the iPhone 6-Plus because I wanted to experience using iOS on a much bigger smartphone.

Even though I’ve written a review about my iPhone 6-Plus which you can go read for yourself by digging in the archive,to get a feel on any device you own,you need to spend a good deal of time with your gadget,say 3 to 4 months.

In the last 3 1/2 months of iPhone 6-Plus ownership,I’ve compiled some likes and dislikes I have for the device.


My Like

The first thing that jumped out for me with the iPhone 6-Plus is the size,it took me about a couple of weeks to get used to handling a much larger smartphone,but after further usage,I don’t think I’ll ever go back to small smartphone,love seeing retina on much larger smartphone display. Viewing text and watching videos are with great clarity.

The design of the iPhone 6-Plus is beautiful,despite all the bend gate fiasco, the smartphone for me is rather sturdy. In my review,I wrote unless you’re applying massive force to the iPhone 6-Plus,I can’t see the smartphone easily bending.  So if your question is have my iPhone 6-Plus be subjected to any bending? The answer is no. (fingers cross).

The battery life is a big big upgrade from previous generations iPhone’s. No longer do I have to wall hog with the dreaded power brick and cable to charge my device after two hours of usage,with confidence I can literally leave my charger home. The longer battery life was for me the big selling point for the iPhone 6-Plus. Literally can sop a full day of usages and then some without resorting to charge and still come home and have enough power left to get me through the night,all again without charging my device.

I really love the camera on the 6-Plus, the iPhone camera,its always been the best out of any smartphone on the market. The same can be said with the iPhone 6-Plus,top notch camera in comparison to the Galaxy Note 4, despite not having a high pixel count at 8MP. Its Apple owns image stabilization technology that enables the camera to take gorgeous pictures even in low light conditions.

My Dislike

My dislike is the hardware,Apple with all its money resources should have instituted better hardware that rivals the Samsung Galaxy or even the One Plus One. The iPhone 6-Plus hardware though it flows well with iOS 8, its a bit dated for today’s standard. The hardware in the iPhone 6-Plus its,well 2012.

Please give a proverbial thumbs down to iOS 8,which basically is a slight upgrade from iOS 7. There were are some good features in iOS 8 don’t get me wrong,but for me, this has to be the buggiest mobile OS Apple has ever put out. The quick type features needs a complete overhaul I mean I don’t know how many times I mistype an entire sentence while text,quick type in Android is more stable and it actually works. Don’t get me started with the random crashing I get when I pull up certain apps, even several iOS 8 and app updates,I still get random crashes.

Then we have data usage,is it me or is iPhone 6-Plus suddenly a data hog,I’m almost sure this is once again a software issues, as there are some apps you literally have to shut off when not in use because they soak up so much data.

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