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The Most Impressive Tech That Came Out Of CES 2015


File-It-Under: Impressed trade show tech By: D.Skinner

CES 2015 has come and gone and yet again I could not attend for various reasons, but I was afforded a lot of information via websites and social media. In years past,CES has always been  a safe haven for the biggest baddest and brightest TV's around,this year was not different as there were some pretty bad ass TV's put on display and yes there were the biggest,brightest and thinnest TV's around,yes thinnest.more on that later. You had the usual gadgets and hardware being displayed also,but it was automobiles that grabbed the spotlight this year at CES. Gathering all the information and viewing tons of images from CES,there were a few tech gadgets there that was simply impressive,one of those surprisingly is a car. Here's my list of the most impressive tech to come out of CES 2015.

The BMW i8

Aside from the beautiful dolphin shape exterior design, it's the innovative technology which is so typical of BMW,starting with its inductive charging technology which involves the electric cars battery via a magnetic field ( wireless charging ), this eliminates the need for hard wired charging between the vehicle and power source. The car itself needs to be place over a primary and secondary coil, while the primary coil is fitted in a base pad underneath the car, the secondary coil is integrated in the underside of the BMW i8. Once the vehicle is placed over the base pad and charging process begins, an alternating magnetic field is generated which in turn transmits electricity between coils. The battery can be at full charge in less than 2 hours of actual charging.

Moving over to the the BMW i8 headlights,this is innovation at its finest as the the German automaker is now offering laser headlights which has a number of advantages over most lighting technology that's present on cars today,LED lighting. LED technology main advantages is its much brighter light output and is energy efficiency . With laser lights,this is a different animal we're dealing with here,its more monochromatic--the light being produced only has one wavelength,rather than a color spectrum. In regards to the headlights,it uses several high performing diodes which emits a very strong bundle of beam through a specialize lenses onto a florescent phosphorus substance that's inside the headlights itself. These substance then transform the beam into an exceptionally bright white light that's more intense that most conventional bulbs.


With the new laser lighting that infused into the BMW i8 headlights,the light can reach as far as 600 meters,that's double the range of most LEDs that's presently on cars. The laser beam itself consumes about 30 percent less energy than the already highly power saving LEDs, and the diodes are at least ten times smaller.


The Sony XBR X900C The Worlds Thinnest TV

When I read reports via social media that Sony had just unveiled the worlds thinnest TV,I had to really see if its really the world thinnest TV. Upon further viewing,there is no exaggeration to its thinness,its really really thin,more like card board thin. The new Ultra HD LED 4K TV is so thin its literally thinner than my very own iPhone 6-Plus,just measuring 5mm in thickness. The TV features a new floating style design which makes it one of Sony's thinnest TV out of production,with edge to edge viewing. You can literally mount this TV on your wall and it'll look like a digital poster.

The screen has resolutions that measures 3849 x 2169 and includes Sony's own Triluminous display technology.

The TV will run Google Android operating system,which will allow users to stream video,play games and access other Google related features.

LG G Flex 2

The idea of having a curved 5-inch smartphone might seem more of a gimmick,but the LG G Flex 2 is no gimmick,in fact its a big improvement over the first generation LG Flex. There is improvements in display resolution which by the way has 1080 x 1920 pixels,a beefier processor Qualcomm SnapDragon processor 2.0GHz 64-bit Octa Core, 2.GB of DDR4 RAM. There's even a microSD card slot that maxes out at 1TB. Overall a beautiful smartphone.


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