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MalwareBytes The Most Popular Still Under Used App You Should Pay For

MalwareBytes,by the far the most popular utility sofwtare that anyone can and should be using. This app (MalwareBytes) should be defaulted software by PC manufacturers,instead of torturing us with the dreaded bloatware,unnecessary applications that we'll never use. MalwareBytes pretty much thwarts any malicious and non-malicious attacks, still though you'll be surprise how many PC users under estimate the powers of this software.

Even PC enthusiast as myself don't realize the effectiveness of MalwareBytes . How effective? Its so effective I once used this software to clean out 200 hundred known bugs from a clients computer,some of which were the dreaded rookit files. It even improved the performance of the clients computer.


Is this a shameless plug of ?No,their not even paying me to sing this much praises for such an awesome app (They should though).

I don't often recommend paying for utility base software,for the most part you can download it for free from any website. But if there's one piece of software that I highly recommend you spend the money on,it would be MalwareBytes,get the software,spend the money.

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