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The Cougar 700M eSport Mouse Aims For Peak Performance For Gamers

Lately, you're starting see to a mass number manufacturers expand their line of mouse and keyboards to suit the eSport gamers, which has become a popular pass time believe it or not.

The latest such manufacturer to buck this trend is Cougar which has now expanded its gaming mouse by launching its eSport line 700M. Nothing in a way of spectacular changes to features, but the big change is to its appearance. Cougar has added coating to the new mouse that suppose give a nice Tactile feel.

In my observation the 700M design is similar to the Rat 7 Cyborg gaming mouse. It has a folded aluminum chassis with a frame that arches giving better support for gamer's palms. The frame itself adjusts accordingly for different variations of grips, again just like what you have with the Cyborg 7 mouses, the 700M is interchangeable. Users can actually swap several palm rest modules one that includes a "Sports Mode" . There are no tools required to make the needed adjustments to the palm rest.

Other adjustments you can make is to the weight. A weight cartridge which has metal that weighs 4.5 grams, it slides directly into the belly of the mouse just in case users might want to add some girth to the mouse. 

 The aerodynamic design to the 700M eSport mouse will allow gamers palm to breath. 

In case you're wondering about the spec numbers, the eSport 700M has a 8,200 DPI laser gaming sensor, 8-programmable buttons, Omron gaming switches,12,000 FPS (frame rate), 150 IPS max track speed, 30G maximum acceleration, 1,000Hz/ms polling rate with adjustable lighting. 

You have potentially a great performing gaming mouse one that has a nice ergonomic design along with pretty decent specs which you can purchase for just $60, you have two color variations that comes in both silver or black.

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