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The Titanium Colored Edition MSI Z170A-XPower Motherboard

In all my years of putting together computers I have come across several motherboards that had a pretty unique color scheme ,black and red,yellow and black,even gold and black, but never have I seen the one that MSI has just introduced. A motherboard that has a pretty slick Silver and Black color scheme. This is exactly what you have with MSI own new Z170A XPower gaming motherboard, dubbed the Titanium edition. To say that this particular motherboard is rather unique is a understatement,this design innovation to the highest degree. 

The Z170A-XPower gaming edition motherboard features an impressive silver and black aesthetic which is something I have yet to see on any of its rival LGA1151 platform system boards on the market thus far. Just about every component on the motherboard is featured in either silver or black. I mean entire PCB itself (printed circuit board) is completely laced in silver with a hint of black. Added impressions is the accent red streak that's located near the audio chip set which we'll get to in a moment.

If the silver and black color scheme doesn't wow you,then the impressively high grade components on the motherboard will. MSI has incorporated a Military Class 5 component architecture. This includes a 16-phase digital power delivery system with DrMOS 3-in-1 chip MOSFETS. It has Titanium chokes and a mix of Hi-c DARK capacitors to ensure system stability even under extreme conditions,like for instance,overclocking,pushing your PC to achieve maximum performance.

Also added to the motherboards multitude of features is MSI integrated enhanced high quality audio subsystem, this is centered around a Nahimic sound technology with Chemi-Con source audio capacitors and  headphone amplifiers. This all adds up to a high quality sound output.

TheZ170A-XPower Titanium Edition motherboard has a boat load of PCI slots and SATA ports, starting with four SATA 3 ports;two SATA Express ports; two M.2 PCIe x4 ports, four PCI-Express x16 slots; three PCI-Express x1 slots. But wait,there is more stuff, we have a 2-digit diagnostic LED display; onboard power, reset,CMOS clear, BIOS Flasback, and a Game Boost button+ BIOS updater. The BIOS updater on the motherboard makes it easy for you to  set your BIOS settings back to its  factory state or if by chance you want to update your BIOS on the fly.

As far as the external ports goes on the Z170A-XPower goes,it's pretty much what you'll see on most motherboards whether it's high-end or mid-level. It has a HDMI and DisplayPorts for video, USB 3.0 and 2.0, and here's something new you properly have yet not seen a motherboard and that's USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C ports.

Nice color scheme and all with hinge of  impressive features on the Titanium edition Z170A-XPower seem like this will be a sought after piece of hardware, but owning one these will come at a very expensive price at $299 . This beautifully design motherboard is now available for purchase.



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