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Windows 10 Tricks and Hacks

By far Windows 10 is the best operating system Microsoft has created since,well  Windows 7. In fact  I would say Windows 10 is probably a  beefed up and polished version of Win 7.  It's what Windows 8.1 should have been and then some.Every since I've installed Windows 10 onto my computers,so far I have not experience any glaring issues that would make me want to loathe the operating system. What's good about Windows 10? For one the metro tile interface is no longer being forced upon us,we can actually boot up our computer right straight into a desktop. Then we have the new Start Menu,which is a absolute beast and for the me the best feature in Windows 10.

While I sang great praises for Windows 10,there are plenty of hidden features you can unlock by instituting certain tricks and hacks. Windows Tricks and Hacks will be a weekly feature that will be added to the Tekspecz tutorial knowledge base. I've got a bevy of hacks and tricks to take Windows 10 to another level,so be prepared and soak in the knowledge.


The Trick

Peek Inside your entire Desktop

Simply bring up your Task View and hover your mouse over a virtual desktop to view all the windows you have running within operating system. Click right on the app preview from Task View to bring that window straight to the top.


The Hack


You can log right straight into Windows, simply type "netplwiz" into Cortona search bar. Doing this will bring up your User Account Window. You see the User Tab? Deslect the "User" must enter a username and password to use this computer "option".


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