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Five Best Tech You Can Get For Under $50

Just about everyone these days posses some form of tech gadget, the computer, tablet, that portable Internet device we call a smartphone. These gadgets are pretty much needed to function in this tech utopia we live in. You have to admit, we are all wired in a sense as technology today has become our needed necessity. 

To keep abreast with technology which, by the way constantly changes by the second means you'll have to pony up a great deal of cash to acquire the latest and greatest gadget. Most of these gadgets we sort after can be quite expensive.  With that said, there is a vast number of great gadgets out there in this free capital market that you can purchase on the cheap, most of which you can get for $50 or less.

To validate such claim, I've came up with five gadgets you can buy for under $50. Five Best Tech!


JBL Clip+ 

The name basically tells the whole story as the JBL Clip+ attaches itself to just about anything, all while streaming your favorite tunes from a smartphone or tablet. The sound quality surprisingly is pretty decent with exceptional booming bass. With the plus version there is added resistance to water.


Anker 40W 5-Port PowerIQ USB Charger

The Anker 5-Port USB charger can simultaneously  charge any combination of laptops, smartphones and tablets. The five port USB charger can deliver a rapid charge speeds up to 2.4 amps per port ( 8 amps in total) . You can mount the USB charger anywhere on or underneath your desk. This makes the perfect cable managing device.Crowding wall outlets is no longer an option.  


Brainwayvz Delta Silver


I've gone through my fair share of in-earphones for past couple of years, some of which were quite expensive, sadly the Brainwayvz Delta Silver has outlasted all of them. Great sounding earbuds for the inexpensive price point. Earphone manufacturers should definitely mimic the overall sturdy design.


G.Skill RipJaws X Series  

By far the cheapest piece of hardware in your pc is your RAM.  Even cheaper is the 8GB G.Skill RipJaws X Series 1600 DDR3 SDRAM.


The (new)GoogleChromecast  

The new Google Chromecast like the first gen version is the most innovative device you should have connected to your HDMI port on your TV. Its core function is to stream content such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and ESPN from your smartphone or tablet to your TV. Literally the best tech you can get for under $50.




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