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Speed Is What You Need Patriot Got You Covered With Its New Viper 4 DDR4-3600 Memory Kit

If you're looking to include the fastest memory kit around to your new Skylake build look no further than the new DDR4 Viper series by Patriot. How fast is fast? Try 3600MHz, that's a 200MHz increase from Viper 4 3400MHz variant which by the way was just recently released back in early Sept.

Patriots new Viper 4 dual memory kit has a slightly higher timing rate at 17-18-18-36 compared to the  3400MHz version which is 16-18-18-36.

There is a down side to the new Viper 4 memory kit, currently it only max out at 8GB of total RAM( two 4GB Memory modules). Where the 3400 MHz memory kit has a total of 16GB of memory ( two 8GB memory modules). Both Patriot memory modules are backed by lifetime warranty.

Les Henry who is VP of engineering at Patriot stated in this press release as quote: "Our Viper line continues to reach new heights with our latest launch of 3600 MHz kit paired with the new Skylake platform.  

We will continue to prescreen each IC prior to building the modules to ensure stability and provide unsurpassed performance to our customers." 

There is no definitive time table for the Viper 4  DDR 4 3600MHz release date or pricing. My gut feeling tells me it will be release right before the holidays. Just for the sake of throwing out reference for you readers,if you're interested in purchasing the 8GB 3400MHz memory kit, it currently retails for $120.


 Credit Source: Patriot, Maximim PC 

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