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Details On Intel's New 72-Core Xeon Phi Chip Code Name: Knights Landing

The latest line of Intel's fastest processor is finally set to be release for the supercomputer in the early part of 2016.

The XEON Phi chip code name Knights Landing is  a major breakthrough in high performance hardware that could bring innovation to desktop computing that includes the I/O memory and storage technology in the near future.

Intel did not provide full details on which supercomputer will get first dibs on the Xeon Phi Chip. According to publish reports the US Department of Energy has stated that the super high performing chip will be used in the Cori, this is a 9,300-core supercomputer that's set to be unleashed  in late 2016 at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center which is located in Berkeley ,California.

In the wonderful world of super-computing, Intel's launching of its newest Phi Chip is a big deal mainly because of its insane specs and potential for high performing capabilities. The Knights Landing has 16GB of embedded package MCDRAM memory.Offering five times more bandwidth than current DDR4 technology. The 14nm chip is packed with 72-cores with 3D Gate transistors. In terms of performance, the Knights Landing crunches 8 TeraFLOPs of single precision performance or around 3 TeraFLOPs double precision, 64-bit performance.

Though Knights Landing is not a graphic card per say but its 30% faster than some of the most powerful graphic cards on the market that includes the Titan X in single precision, twice the performance than the Titan Black in double precision. 

There is no set release date or pricing for Knights Landing, but previous models retail for $2000-$4000.

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