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Explanation Needed: What Are The Key Components To A Successful Video Game

This is quite different from previous posts of "Explanation Needed" where I presented you with the inner workings of technology,most of which was geared towards hardware since I'm a hardware buff at heart. I decided to flip things up a bit and talk about something that's dear to my heart, my favorite past time,gaming. There are a great deal of video games on the market with intense graphics, great game play and awesome story lines comparable to the big budget films. Video games for the most part have been popular since the late 70's. Thanks in part to the advancement of computer hardware, video games today are visually pleasant which lends itself to it being very popular.

Young or old,everyone these days are immersing themselves in the realm of gaming, it's a sure way to mentally take us away from this chaotic world we live in.

With that said, what's makes a great video game? I just mentioned those key components in the paragraph above which are great graphics,great story line and awesome game play,lets examine them further.


A Good Story Makes  A Great Game


Great impeccable graphics and game play which will get to in a minute are indeed important, but for me a good story makes for a great game, especially if your partaking in role playing games( RPG for short) . 

This especially holds true to well known single playing titles such as Arkham Knight which has an excellent story line. A great story will immerse many players into a game mainly because you're curious as to how the ending of the game will play out. Games with great story lines will cause many to miss many days of work,which is what happens to me from time to time.

Great Visual Art 

Along with a great story in a video game it helps big time to have great graphic artwork. It's important because it's what players visually see, from the environment, the character, and even the lighting they all play an important role in the overall look and feel of the game. Perfect examples of games with great art work is Batman's Arkham Knight,even the current game I'm playing right now Fallout 4, both games have beautiful artwork which translates to an extremely realistic experience. 

Great Game play

One might suggest its a little contradictory on my part to say that great game play might edge out games that tell a great story,that of course all depends on the  game. Yes the story is indeed important but incredible game play always translate to overall fun. Any game can have a great story, but for me if the game play is sub par and bad then I tend to leave the game on a shelf and not play it at all.

A great example of a game that has insane game play is the Call of Duty series,especially the Modern Warfare games. The story for the most part is somewhat below average, but its the awesome multi-player game play is what makes the game most sort after. Call of Duty is a perfect example of how great game play can trump the need for a good story to the point that many players will skip the campaign altogether.

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