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PC Tools Weekly: Audacity

Sticking to my promise I said I was going to keep the PC Tools Weekly series flowing because I'm a man of my word. This week I bring you what is arguably the most popular audio editing software on the planet, Audacity.


Audacity is a open source free audio editing and recording software that's available to download on Windows,Mac OS X and Linux. With Audacity you can record and even play sounds,import and export WAV,AIFF,MP3 and OGG files. Users can edit sound simply using cut,copy and paste recorded files. Users can also mix tracks,or apply sound effects to each recording. There is also a built-in amplitude-envelope editor.

Audacity has many uses and features which I just displayed in this written post.But here's a fun fact,many well known music artists have recorded and edited entire albums using this software.  YouTuber's use Audacity to edit their videos. Audacity is certainly better than the most audio editing software that contains a price tag.

Download Audacity now,its popular amongst Geek power users and comes highly recommended from many in the music industry. 

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