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Top Dope Tech To Get Your Geek Love Ones For Xmas


It's that time of year where everyone will partake in and endure the hustle and bustle of Xmas shopping. Trying to figure out what gift to get love ones or friends can be very difficult. But if by chance your love ones (or friends) are part of a Geek subculture and like all things tech, then finding that perfect gift you think they'll appreciate won't be a difficult task,because there is a vast array of dope tech for the picking. 

There are endless amount of awesome tech gadgets out there on the market to choose from,that dope laptop, that dope camera,that dope smartphone,that dope hardware.

  I've  compiled a list of outstanding tech gifts your love ones will certainly appreciate, and they are....


Amazon Echo  

This is a voice control personal assistant that actually works,sorry Siri. Amazon Echo is design around the users voice and its hands free. Amazing technology within the Echo, it has seven built-in  microphones and Amazon's own beam forming technology. 

Echo is connected to Alexa,which is a cloud base voice control service, its similar to how Siri and Cortona operates , except Alexa in my opinion is a bit more responsive. Ask it anything and it will accurately oblige your request: what's the weather in the area,check sport scores, even ask it word definitions. Amazon Echo can solely be used as Bluetooth speaker as it outputs impeccable sound. Perfect gift for the techno geek looking for the closets thing to near perfect voice control automated  personal assistant.

Price: $179

Where to get it: Amazon




Intel Core i7  6700K

PC builders such as myself will be stoked if Core i7-4790K is found underneath my Xmas tree. Still being one the top selling CPU's on Amazon, and with good reason, its a unlocked processor that will max out at 4.1 GHz. A unprecedented four-core, eight thread design with Intel's own Hyper-Threading technology. This is a processor that will certainly give you steady peak performance.

Price: $300

Where to get it: Amazon




Sphero BB-8 Droid

This app driven droid actually cleared the shelves in its first week in stores, and that was back in Sept. Why? Mainly because of the highly anticipated upcoming Star Wars: Force Awakens movie that's set to drop at a theater near you in the coming weeks. Not only will it make a great Xmas gift, it's perfect novelty item that you display on your shelf.

Oh yeah, then there's the BB-8 Droid itself, its app driven that you can control from your smartphone. Surprisingly for me the BB- 8 Droid was easy to control and very responsive.

Price: $149.99

Where to get it: Sphero/Amazon/Bed Bath Beyond




LG 34UC87C-B 34-inch Curved Monitor 


This LG manufactured 34-inch monitor is the prefect example of dope tech that your geek love ones will most certainly appreciate. Eye gazing? More like star gazing, as it's Ultra QHD 3440 x 1440 resolution is enough to induce one into a  hypnotic state. Here's the thing, the monitor curves giving users expanded field of view while gaming. Incorporated within is IPS technology that provides 178" viewing angles, this allows users to see the same image from left to right.

Price: $684.47

Where to get it: Amazon




Google Chromecast 

Google Chromecast is the least expensive gift on this Xmas list,but you'll most certainly get the most out of your $35 spent on this device, arguably the most popular gadget on the consumer market today. Once a stick,Chromecast has taken on a whole new design that resembles a hockey puck. For those curious of its functions, Chromecast is a device that allows users to stream videos from your tablet or smartphone,then you cast the video onto your nice big screen TV. Users have access to several streaming apps such as ESPN,YouTube,Netflix and much more, thanks in part to a much improved software.

Price: $35

Where to get it: Google Play

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