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Top 5ive Mobile Gadget In 2015

In no particular order I've compiled a list of mobile gadgets that really wowed me with impressions in 2015. My Top 5ive mobile gadgets are....


1: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

 The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is by far one of the most impressive smartphones in 2015. Just observe its overall build, smoothly rounded edges that runs parallel down the smartphone. Also that nice bright display adds overall uniqueness to the smartphone.

The hardware spec numbers are equally impressive; AMOLED 1440 x 2560 display, 16MP camera, 1.5GHz Quadcore processor, 3 GB of RAM, start off of 32GB of storage.


2: The Apple Watch

Arguably the most talked about smart watch in 2015 in a market that is starting to be over saturated. The Apple Watch to date has reached a million or more consumers so in a sense its a success despite the all negative detractors. Lets put it this way,I have yet to take off this smart watch ,except when it needs to be charged.

Is the Apple Watch perfect? No,but then again what smart watch on the market is. I can say this though, the Apple Watch for me has gotten it right in terms of functionality where seemingly other smart watches have fallen short.


3:The Nexus 5X

Its a beautiful smartphone with stock Android,enough said.



4:The iPhone 6s Plus

You would think with thin smartphones there would be a hindrance in performance mainly because mobile devices that are thin design there is always a trade off with hardware.With the iPhone 6s Plus that is not the case. What you have here with the 6s Plus is a big improvement over 6 Plus in performance thanks in part to its upgraded processor, the A9 chip.The iPhone 6s Plus has the perfect combination of great design with impeccable hardware.


5:Surface Pro 4

Its rather hard for me to classify the Surface Pro 4 as standalone mobile device as you can literally have it be your main home computer,but it is. The Surface Pro 4 by far is the perfect hybrid device with incredible hardware that runs a full fledged OS in Windows 10. The only drawback with Surface Pro 4 is consumers have to pay separately for the keyboard which is the devices most impressive feature.

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