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Explanation Needed: Intel Skylake Processor Bend Gate Why Is It Happening?

There have been random reports from many tech publications that there are some Intel 6th-gen "Skylake" processors being damaged by hestsink mounts from 3rd-party CPU coolers. You can say these processors are experiencing a serious case of the bends.

Credit Image Source: PCGameshardware

Credit Image Source: PCGameshardware

The reason for these bent processors is quite simple,the structure of the new Skylake processor is much thinner compared to the early generation Haswell processors. The green portion of the CPU can easily bend,causing damage to not only the CPU itself, but to the pins in the LGA 1151 socket as well.

The preventive measures to take is to avoid adding extra tightness to the heatsink upon installation,easier said than done considering most if not all compatible coolers on the hardware market are designed for Haswell or earlier generation Intel processors.

Intel comment on this issues goes as follows:

"The design specifications and guidelines for the 6th Gen Intel Core processor using the LGA 1151 socket are unchanged from previous generations and are available for partners and 3rd party manufacturers. Intel can’t comment on 3rdparty designs or their adherence to the recommended design specifications. For questions about a specific cooling product we must defer to the manufacturer."

Translation, Intel basically have no real remedy to this disturbing problem.The only real solution is to rebuild the entire processor,that's something Intel will not partake in. Nor will we see a total rebuild of coolers so that it can accommodate the Skylake processors thinness any time soon.

I'm sure we'll see more vendors respond to this issues,as news develops I will most certainly post a update.

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