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The Intro: Corsair New Carbide 600 Series Inverse ATX Full Tower Cses

Corsair, the company that makes just about everything technology are introducing new models to their Corsair Carbide PC case lineup, the 600Q and the full enclosure 600C.

Both cases have a beautifully crafted compact design,yet both have a different characteristic.The 600Q is optimize more for silence with insulating sound dampening material that's placed on both sides of the panel. The 600C is more stylized with a very large side-panel window that will enable users to view their entire hardware setup. 

Impressive is the Carbide 600 enclosed unobtrusive steel structure, and a well placed hinged front panels that when open reveals two 5.25" optical drive bays. The drive bay and PSU is tucked nicely inside a cover which will give users the ability to manage cables properly.

In looking at the 600Q in depth, there is a greater emphasis on cooling with its inverse ATX design, this brings cool air directly to the hardware by eliminating obstruction from unused drive bays. Natural airflow from outside the case will enable minimum fan noise. Venture off to the very top of the  600Q you'll find a I/O and 3-speed fan controller.

Minimalist compact design,tool free hardware installation , with numerous cable routing options is what Corsair offers with their new full-tower ATX cases.

The Carbide 600Q and 600C retail for $149, and will be available for purchase later on this month.

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