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Under The Microscope: The Plextor M6e Black Edition 256GB PCIe SSD



Welcome to the newly added feature on better known as "Under the Microscope" where we take an in depth look at some of the most interesting piece of hardware that's on the market. I'll pick apart a feature or features that makes the hardware very unique. Enough with the brief intro, let's get to it.

 Let's examine the Plextor PCIe Black Edition Ultra SSD. This particular hardware is pretty interesting, mainly because it's an storage drive that most casual computer owners aren't used to seeing,unless you're a die hard tech junkie like myself who has basic knowledge of this form of technology. It's an actual SSD storage drive that seats right into your PCIe slot. This particular storage drive is not the first of its kind, PCIe based storage drives have been on the market for quite awhile now and rapidly starting to flood the market.

I'm a go out a limb and say PCIe SSD cards one day will replace the traditional hard drives you're used to see today. Mainly because they're a lot easier to install without the need for SATA cables and it is driver free ACHI ( advance host controller interface) which eliminates the need for any additional drives,simply it put it,its plug-n-play.

The speed of the Plextor M6e Black Edition is all due in part to the components that's on board as it has Toshiba's own synchronous Toggle NAND flash memory, with the latest dual-core Marvell 88SS9183 controller chip, which by the way boosts the sequential read/write speeds. For the sake of numbers crunching benchmarks, the M6e can break through the 105K/100K IOPS barrier and has a 770/625 MB/s sequential read/speed.



In reading this post,you would think its the components on the Plextor M6e is what makes the storage drive fast,believe or not its the software package that comes with this storage drive is what gives it the speed boost. PlexTurbo 2.0 is the latest software that allows the SSD memory cache to increase the system memory size,boosts the life of the M6e all while accelerating speed performance. True Speed keeps long term used SSD still performing at high speeds even when the SSD is nearly full with data.

If there is drawback with PCIe storage drive like that of Plextor M6e Black Editon is price. They are by far one of the most expensive piece of hardware you'll ever own. For 128GB you'll pay $199, $299 for 256GB and a whopping $529 for 512GB and to think,PCIe storage drives when they came out a few years ago were more expensive than the listed price I just presented you.Still though,if you're looking for peak performance in your next computer build, and ultimate speed in a hard drive is what you're looking for,then this storage drive would be the idea choice.


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