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5 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Computer if......

Computers for the most part have become synonymous to the TV,its something you got to have,in fact its something that all we need to have. Its by far a necessity that surpasses the microwave oven. Almost everything you do requires you to have some form of computing device that accesses the Internet.I mean there are online colleges for goodness sake

With that said,computers for the most part aren't full proof,crazy things can happen from users clicking on a bad file,outdated drivers corrupting your system,even worst blue screen errors which indicates defectives hardware,I mean there are endless possibilities of how it can all go wrong.

There are preventive measures you can partake in to keep your computer from dwindling down into its demise. Even better,you can just simply avoid the whole mess altogether. Here are 5 things that can go wrong with your computer if...

If you don't perform Windows Updates

You'll be surprise how many computer owners including myself will go months without checking for Windows updates,yes even I forget to do such a task. Windows Updates almost always has to do with updating the security,bad guys are constantly looking for ways to gain access to your operating system. Microsoft beats the bad guys to the punch by sending out updates every Tuesday of the month. A simple task like performing Windows updates is the first step in thwarting attacks from virus creators.


If you don't update your Hardware drivers    

Now for the casual computer owner I can understand not updating your hardware drivers to your system,in fact most less tech savvy folks wouldn't even know if there's a performance lag with their computer or where to even begin. Believe it or not just for general information,updating drivers to your hardware at times will improve your computer about 10%, often times not updating your drivers will cause system instability. Not sure when your hardware needs updating? I suggest you try SlimDrivers software,it will scan your system and update ever piece of hardware in your computer.


If you click on unsuspecting pop ups

If I was doing my top 5 in a numerical order I would say clicking on unsuspecting pop ups are the number one thing you should avoid or else you are literally inviting death to your computer. I can't tell you how many computer repairs I have performed all due to clients constant clicking of unsuspecting pop ups. Here's one you should definitely avoid, the old bait and switch security ads where it promises your computer  won't be safe unless you click and install this software,ouch. One simple software will cure all of that, and its call Malwarebytes.


If you don't blow out your dust and cookie crumbs

Build of dust or cookie crumbs,yes cookie crumbs will definitely impede airflow thus causing certain components to overheat.


If you don't discharge static electricity from your body when accessing hardware

Want to ruin your hardware in just 1 second,zap it with static electricity. When dealing with hardware or if you are accessing hardware,rule of thumb is to always ground yourself by touching any metal object,or you can simply touch metal portion of the computers chassis. Doing this will discharge electricity from your body.






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