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Whats Really On My iPhone 6-Plus

Every single website or YouTube channel have some rendition of "What on my smartphone ", so it's only fair that I give my version of what's on my iPhone 6-Plus. You know, the apps I use most and how I got things setup.

Call me a techo weirdo but for me the apps on a smartphone and how it's all arranged tells me a lot about a person, are they just a casual user or power user who knows his tech.To be fair though,each individual primary needs on a smartphone varies.Other than the obvious making calls and texts,some people spend the majority of their time staying connectd to social media,for some their devices are treated as a form mobile entertainment, viewing videos ( Netflix and YouTube) and gaming.

For me though, I treat my smartphone as a hand held computer because that's basically what it is. I check my emails, do my daily planning and use the iPhone 6-Plus to write my rough drafts to my blog post. In fact i wrote this entire post you're reading on my iPhone 6-Plus,what app did I use? I'll get to that in few.

Most of the apps on my iPhone 6-Plus are primarily  used to help me run my business, I do a vast amount of game planing with task listing apps and note taking apps. What I don't get done on my computer at home, I almost always revert to my smartphone,especially when I'm on the constant move.

My setup on my iPhone 6-Plus is rather OCD-ish,apps have to be in a discipline order, any app out of place I seriously start to get a little antsy. The apps on my iPhone 6-Plus are arranged as follows: Apps I use the most are grouped together followed by all my gaming apps and then my utility apps.

With all that said, long winded and all, what's really on my iPhone 6-Plus?

 Note Taking Apps

There are two note taking apps  I use on the daily basis and that's the ever so popular Evernote and iWriter. I use these apps to jot down all of my ideas even write my rough draft to my blog post. Evernote would be the idea choice to use if you're constantly writing because of the apps ability to sync from desktop to smartphone. Sadly, iWriter desktop version is only on the Mac,where as Evernote are on both the Mac and PC.

The Weather

There are two apps I use to get an accurate forecast of the current weather for the week and that's Weather Bug which I'm a long time user and Weather channel. Both apps have a very sharp clean interface that's loaded with a lot of pretty cool features.

For my social media I usually gravitate to the app that is third party, case in point Twitter which has so many third party apps. The two third party apps I use for Twitter are Twitteriffic and Tweetbot. 

The Emails

This is a no brainer  here, its Mailbox and my favorite Google's own inBox.

Task and scheduling 

There are a host of task and scheduling apps floating around in the App Store, but those are usually over saturated with a lot of unnecessary features. For me I use Task and Clear, ironically both apps are created by the same people. Easy to use colorful with a simple flat style interface.

Web Browsing 

It's Google Chrome and Opera period,nothing else ( Sorry Safari). Because for one,I love Google Chrome, like the desktop ,the mobile version doesn't fall short of perfection in my opinion. Then we have the vastly underrated Opera mobile web browser,if you need a mobile web browser that fast yet doesn't consume a lot of data upon web browsing then this would be the idea choice. Opera uses a Tubro compression technology that compresses webpages via Opera Turbo servers, thus reducing the download size.

My News

For my news the app by default has always been CNN that is until I discovered Circa. Most apps on my smartphone are almost always simple with a clean interface,which is exactly what you get with Circa,its a nice simple app yet gives you up to date news by the seconds. By far one of my favorites apps.

The Music Man

For my listening pleasure this one here is a no brainer, Spotify it is. Yes you have an abundance of apps similar to Spotify,but its the only app I surely can't do without. Probably most of the data that I consume on this smartphone is due in part  to this music stream app. The world of music at your finger tips is really a great thing,really it is.





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