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Explanation Needed: Nvidia owns G-Sync Technology,What Is It?

G-Sync technology is pretty interesting I must say,yet its rather difficult to explain or break the technology down without seeming so technical,but here we go,welcome to new installment of Explanation Needed where we get the gist of G-Sync technology and how it works.

Computer programs that involves gaming need more resources to give gamer's that realistic feel.Game developers are constantly pushing graphic hardware to the max. As a result, you would at times see undesired effects.

Often times the GPU/graphics card and your monitor are out of sync,the GPU will send frames in the middle of the monitor's refresh which leads to drawing of multiple frames on the display. This results in a weird looking images better known as "Tears" or tearing. This is a form  of distortion where objects appear oblong and out of alignment.

In comes G-Sync,its a hardware based technology that's a actual logic board within the monitor who's primary purpose is to manipulate the displays panel's  vertical banking better known as VBLANK for short. VBLANK represents the interval between the time a monitor finishes drawing the current frame, and the beginning of the next frame.

During the interval period,no refresh data is being sent to the monitor. With an active G-Sync, the graphic card within your PC waits until the monitor is ready to retrieve frame right before its sent out.

List of GPU's with G-Sync technology

List of GPU's with G-Sync technology

Basically, G-Sync technology will create a far more smoother motion for all PC games,forcing the monitor to refresh at the same rate as the GPU. Most monitors refresh at a fixed rate (60 Hz or 100Hz), a monitor that has G-Sync technology refresh rate will vary in each GPU,rendering can happen anywhere between 30Hz and 144Hz.

There aren't to many graphic cards or monitors out on the market just yet that incorporates G-Sync technology because the tech is fairly new. As time passes on,expect this technology to be the main staple of PC gaming.

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