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Cougar CMD Digital Power Supply With A Built-In Fan Controller


You can't talk about a power supplies nowadays without mentioning  known brands such as Corsair,Thermaltake and CoolMaster.  But have you ever heard of this company who goes by the name Cougar? Well you know of the cat,but you don't is Cougar like most companies that manufacture hardware also make power supplies. They have a particular unit that has gained some attention,at least it got mines and its CMD Digital Power Supply.

The uniqueness with their newest unit, it's a digital power supply with a built-in fan controller, you can monitor and control various portions of your PSU through software,yes there is actually software that comes with this unit and it controls all the units voltage levels.


Focusing on the fan controller,its a 3-pin connectors that is integrated right in back of the PSU. Its intended for the cases fan,two of which monitors and is controlled through Cougars UIX software.

Just right above the fan ports includes a sensor that can be placed anywhere in your system for additional monitoring of the units temperature.

The CMD power supply unti is available in 500W and 600W,both models will include a single +12V rails (40A on the 500W, 49A on the 600W). These two modular units will have three 4-pin peripheral connectors, 5( 500W) or 6(600W) SATA connectors, two PCI-E 8(6+2) pin connectors, a single 24 (20 +4) pin connectors, and a single 8 (4+4) pin CPU connector.

Cougar states that the CMD Digital PSU line will be available for purchase next month,no word yet on price point.


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