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Xiamoi's Very Own 40-inch Android New Smart TV: Mi TV 2 For Just $320

Source: Xiamoi

Source: Xiamoi

It's been long rumored that Apple would release their version smart TV . Sadly, that rumor has been more  than a an urban myth as there have yet  to been a materialization of a TV from Apple. It seems as though the closest  thing to TV is the set top device the Apple TV that's currently on the markey. Well it seems as though someone has beaten Apple to punch.

Xiaomi, Apple's fiercest competitor has just launched its new 40-inch Mi TV, a smart TV that's operating on a Andriod based OS that will sell for a mere $320 price.( 2000 Chinese Yen)

The Chinese smartphone maker are known for manufacturing some of the most affordable technology around. So it's not surprising to see the same principal being applied to their TV's.

The features within the 40-inch TV are a full HD LED panel created by the one and only Sharp, it has a 500:1 ratio, Cortex A9 quad-core 1.45GHz,1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of embedded flash storage and a MIU TV Android based OS. The playback consist of H.265 10-bit hardware decoding , which allows viewers to watch H.265, H.264, MPEG4, and REAL.

Overall design of the Mi TV is very thin, measuring just 14.5 millimeters from front-to-back at its thinnest point.Viewed images of the 40-inch TV from several web sources suggest that there will be bright color rear casing. If that's the case, this would certainly be innovative industry first.

The biggest selling point is it's $320 price tag,which is rather insane if you ask me. Good news? There is a good chance you'll  be seeing these TV's  and other products from Xaiomi hit the U.S. market. Sadly though, one of these devices will not include their world renown smartphones.

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