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My First Drone Experience: Using The UDI RC U818A RC Quadcpter

I'd be first to tell anyone,I never thought I would be owning any type of drone. Yes they're interesting pieces of tech, and I love watching all the YouTube video footage of drones flying at high speeds capturing some pretty nice images at high elevations.

Up until really last month, drones for the most part still didn't tickle my fancy. What really started changing my mind on drones is viewing all the videos on YouTube and finding myself enamored at how such a small device can take command of the skies. Just seeing the overall potential for greatness in these machines. They can fly high in the air,some in upwards of about 1000 ft,they're fast and they have amazing cameras that can capture some amazing video. Being the inquisitive tech mind that I am,I suddenly wanted a drone.

Most of the videos I've viewed online those owners had the more expensive drones, some were even custom built,which is rather unique in itself. Due to budget constraints and being that its my first time even messing around with  a drone,I had to settle for the less expensive beginners option, the UDI RC U818A RC Quadcopter  is the drone I went with and purchased it from Amazon for $63.

Once I got the drone in my possession,I thought operating such a machine would be a piece of cake. Boy,was I in for a reality check. Like the more advance drones you see in all the YouTube videos,this particular drone takes off fast,very fast. The absolute hardest part of handling RC operated devices that takes flight is mastering the controls.

I can't count how many times I rammed the drone into my curtains and blinds,even worst,I accidentally dropped the drone on my cat several times,ouch.

With tons of research and just practicing using the remote,I can say I have finally somewhat mastered the flight maneuvers,though I still have a ways to go before I can be up there with the big boys.

Luckily for me the ceiling at the Tekspecz headquarters is very high so I'm able to log a great amount of practice flight time. The one thing I must say is the key to flying a drone is mastering eye and finger coordination. You must use your instincts as to knowing when to go high or low with the drone,when to increase and decrease propeller speed,just like operating any vehicle that requires you to increase and decrease its speed.

When the weather finally breaks,and I mean break where's there is no blustery cold air or chance of a snow storm (you never know these days being in NYC) I will test this beginners drone outdoors. My goal one day is to graduate to the more advance expensive drone. The one drone I have my interest in is the DJI Phantom Quadcopter. It has everything you can ask for in a advance drone,a great camera,its flies very high, it has a killer remote control and it even has built-in GPS.

In the coming days I will log my progress on social media so be on the look out for that.




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