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SanDisk Crams A Whopping 200GB Of Storage Into Its New microSD Card

With so many devices today that's defaulted with limitless amount of storage it's never enough when your constantly uploading pictures,video,music files and in some cases apps. Storage capacity overall is like underwears and socks, you can never have a enough of em, especially when you have certain files that can chew up a huge portion of your storage capacity. Last year when Sandisk introduced the 128GB microSD card  it was the first of its kind to crack the 128GB barrier. More than enough in capacity to store numerous amount of video and picture files and then some.

What does Sandisk do for a encore, introduce the 200GB Ultra microSDX UHS-I flash memory card. Sandisk achieved such feat by instituting a proprietary design and production allowing more bits of memory into small chip. Which by the way is once again an industry first from yours truly.

To see any form of memory at 200GB is rather odd because a typical size for memory chips always fall in the powers of 2, 16GB,32GB,64GB and finally 128GB. If you're wondering why Sandisk never went with 256GB,it's probably because the technology do it has reached its max.

The microSD card despite having a larger storage capacity still maintains at 90MBps data transfer speed which is pretty fast for such a small piece of hardware.

The price of the new 200GB Ultra microSDX flash memory card is rather expensive at $400, seriously that's the price of most low level laptops. Sandisk expects to ship  the microSD to market sometime in the Spring.


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