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Novachips New Upcoming 8TB SSDs

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File-It-Under: Storage Tech  By D.F.Skinner

There's a old saying that I coined personally,storage capacity are like under wears and socks,you can never have enough of it. We are just now  starting to see SSD's flirt in the 1TB range, to coin the phrase again that's a whole lot of under wears and socks,seriously,that's a lot of potential data you can store on a SSD. To see anything go over 1TB on a SSD  would be damn right insane.

Well prepare yourself to be impressed because we are about to see a series SSD's go over the 1TB storage capacity and the name of the company that's making it all possible is Novachip. The company is preparing to release a series of large capacity SSD's in April; 2TB,4TB and 8TB models which will incorporate different type of technology than you're used to seeing from other drives on the market which is point-to-point connection as opposed to the usual parallel connection.

Its the speed not the large capacity that makes these particular SSD's rather unique, 360,000 random read/write 4k IOPS and sequential read writes capping out at 1.8GB/sec,with a potential expected lifespan of 10 full drive writes a day for five years.

There is no listed price of these drives from Novachips as of yet, large capacity SSD's even  below 1TB tend to be very expensive,so I'm sure there will be no exception with these series of SSD's so prepare yourself to shell out a lot of cash. As the story develops,I will post the price listing on one of my social media sites, stay tune.

Source Via: PC Perspective and Novachips

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