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Bolt Safe Diversion Stash: The Rapid Reveiw

Need a clever way to hide your valuable SD cards that has some very important data or maybe other personal small items that needs stashing such as money ? Put it all in a bolt. No really put your needed valued items in a Bolt Safe which is a diversionary way to secretly stash your personal items.

Seeing the Bolt,the first thing that'll come to mind is trying to figure how do you really stash your belongings. Its all made possible simply by screwing off the top of the Bolt. The Bolt itself has 2.57-inch size hidden  compartment that's big enough to store a currency note ( for me I currently have a nicely folded up $20 bill inside the Bolt),a SD card and maybe even passwords to all of your accounts written on a small piece of paper,which I've done myself.

The Bolt itself have a very clever stealth like design that can accommodate items nice and secure. The Bolt is also very solid,solid enough to put holes in walls so I advise you not drop this on your feet. 

The ugly? The Bolt compartment is only 2 inches,not the advertise 2.75-inches so there's barely enough room to store items something simple as one currency note. My suggestion if you have some interest in the Bolt,get the much longer version that comes in at 4-inches.

Other than that,the Bolt is very sturdy and does serve a valuable purpose. I purchased this particular version from Amazon for $11.95. The much bigger 4-inch version is $39.99 which is a vast difference in price.

Get the Bolt if you like partaking in creatives ways to hide your stash.A little word of warning: Try to keep your Bolt in a safe place so that no one can mistakenly use your Bolt as a ordinary piece of tool.


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