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The Mi Power Strip The Power Strip With Style

It seems as though Xiaomi better known for their smartphones that's popular outside the US have lately been a bit busy announcing one product after another, the Mi Note Pink Edition,Mi TV 2 55-inch 4K Ultra Smart TV and they even have their hand in producing a weighing machine, the Xiaomi Smart Scale and other products that making news nowadays.

Now we have interestingly enough the new Mi Power Strip. This is a nice looking well design very slim pencil case looking power strip that has 3 power sockets, 3 USB PORTS WITH A 2.1A quick charging feature that will rapidly charge your mobile devices.

Its the efficiency not the sleek design of the Mi Power Strip that has drawn some attention. It has a bronze terminal phosphor and  copper bar that bring full connectivity that will  power an entire system. Its also very safe,it uses a quality fire resistant material that can protect from fires burning at 750-degrees.  Also included is a surge protection and importantly enough a  childproof  internal shutter mechanism. 

The Mi Power Strip has a Max 10A overload protection with a power indicator light that is said to look rather elegant looking.

You don't see power strips even peaking my interest let alone making it worth my time writing about it,but you have to admit this is a well design looking device with some pretty decent and important features.

The Mi Power Strip is currently on sell only in China (which is the origin of the company) at 49 Chinese Yen ($8 US). There is no information on a sell on a global scale as of yet.

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