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Best Buys On Amazon: The GoPro Hero $129

The Hero GoPro since it came on the scene almost 10 years ago has emerged as the must have tool for video photographers. Whether you're a pro or amateur, it seems everyone nowadays is rocking  the GoPro for live action video shots. 

 There are several versions of the Hero GoPro, the top of the line version being the GoPro 4 which cost $399. Since this is " Best Buy" post I'm going to recommend a much cheaper option which costs $129.

Not everyone (myself included) really want to shell out an excessive amount of money for extreme action video camera. If you're looking to get into the video photography but don't want to compromise the money, the Hero GoPro is your best option which is earliest version of the  GoPro series.

There is significant trade off, unlike  Hero 3 and 4, the  GoPro Hero does not capture video at 30 fps. Instead you'll have to settle for burst photo shots at 5 fps. Still though the camera is capable of recording video in 1080p30 and 720p60 . It has other important feature such as built-in microphone,durable and waterproof up to 131-feet, design to with stand any type of extreme conditions. Lets not forget the microSD card support up to 32GB.

If you're thinking about getting a Hero GoPro but want to start off with something simple,consider the $129 model on sale right now on Amazon.




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