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Google Releases Project Fi Wireless Service

Google just entered the realm of cellular networking,that's right,Google is now selling cellular service to consumers,well sort of. Today, Google announced Project Fi, a Multiple Virtual Network Operator, MVNO for short. There are many catches to this service, one catch is Google doesn't actually own the  network they're selling to consumers. Project Fi will piggyback off of known carriers Sprint and T-Mobile. The trick is any smartphone that has a compatible hardware and SIM card can effortlessly switch between networks and open WiFi hot spots all without missing a beat in connection (with data being encrypted). The other catch,with this type of on going network switching this will only work with smartphones that have the certified hardware. Currently Google's own Nexus 6 is the only smartphone that can support Project Fi,so if you're the lucky owner of such smartphone you'll get first dibs on the wireless service.

In theory,separating multiple networks should increase area coverage,pricing for the service will give consumers an added advantage,well if you call it that,there is some catches to this also. Project Fi pricing will start at $20 a month for unlimited talk and text, and WiFi tethering. The cellular data will be priced at $10 a GB. Google has worked deals with Sprint and T-Mobile so that you the consumer is charged based how much data smartphone users will use,unused data will be refunded. For an example if consumers want to sign up for the 3GB data for $50 a month ( that's 20 + $30 package), but uses only 800MB of data,you'll be credited $22 at the end of the billing cycle.

With Project Fi,Google will throw in a companion app for data tracking. If you want to see the legitimacy of such service,you can go on Project Fi website and inquire within so you can test the service

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