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Samsung Releases New The 850 EVO mSATA/M2 SSD

If you've read my past posts on the PCIe SSD's you know have nothing but high admiration of such hardware. These are Storage drives that defies tradition by simply being seated in the slot of your motherboard. I also mentioned that there are some  big advantages of having such a storage drive in your computer,one of them being its a lot easier to install without contending with the dreaded SATA cables,the other being a space saver within your computers chassis.  

The latest such slotted SSD's (Solid State Storage) to grab recent headlines are Samsung's own 850 EVO mSATA and M.2 storage drives.

Both drives are based on the TLC-V-NAND technology, the same that's in the 2.5-inch versions. Both of these SSD's are not your run of the mill storage drives. These SSD's require a specialize slot on your motherboard, one being a M.2 slot and  mSATA.

The core engine that run these two drives are MGX controller created by Samsung and a NANA 32-layer 128bit V-NAN that's included in a 40nm chip. Included also is TurboWrite technology which creates a high-performance buffer area the enforces peak performance with  SLC caching.

The read/write numbers for both mSATA  and M.2 version SSD's are pretty stellar and identical in performance. Starting with 540MB/s sequential read, a 500MB/s sequential write.



The storage capacities for both the mSATA and M.2 SSD's are pretty much standard in what you'll see in the 2.5-inch version,there is 120GB,250GB and 500GB ( Quick nugget:there is a 1TB version made specifically for the mSATA SSD ,that version has a different type of controller which is the Samsung MEX).

The reviews for these storage drives have been rather mix, you have to take into account that the people who are writing these reviews are die-hard hardware junkies who are using some state of the art bench marking tools and have gotten first dibs of these storage drives,so they're looking at it from a technical standpoint. From a consumer perspective,these hard drives are revolutionary and in due time they will replace the drives that's currently in your computer and will some day become standard.

For those interested in a purchasing such hardware, here it is the price listing

850 EVO mSATA:

850 EVO M.2 SATA:


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