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Intel's New Compute Stick An Actual Computer On a Stick


While you had some pretty cool tech products that came out of CES 2015,some of which was groundbreaking.  Flying under the radar was Compute Stick,which was quietly introduced by Intel at CES.

The Intel Compute Stick is a dongle that you can insert into any HDMI ready display or TV. As the title of this post goes this is really an actual pint size stick like computer that closely resembles the  Chromecast which is created by Google .



Compute Stick surprisingly has decent hardware almost comparable to a tablet. It has an Atom quad-core processor,2GB of embedded RAM, and 32GB of storage. And believe it or not within that 32GB storage is support for an entire operating system,one being Windows 8.1 and the other being Linux.

So what about typing with a keyboard or the use of a mouse? All made possible with a embedded Bluetooth 4.0 receiver. Internet connection made possible with WiFi connectivity, making Compute Stick for a full computer experience.



Other features on the Compute Stick included are a microSD card slot, power LED light, micro USB port where you power up the device, and of course a power button.

The Compute Stick is no way replacing the desktop and laptop computer. You also  definitely not going to run heavy duty software such as Photoshop and Adobe Premier. Compute Stick is more of an extra tool for Internet access,reading emails,viewing documents etc. Great device to have if your a frequent traveler who don't want to lug the laptop around all the time,just bring along the Compute Stick and plug it right into your hotel suites TV.

The Compute Stick probably won't be a mainstream device for the casual computer user, it's more for the die-hard techies gadget of choice.Interested in purchasing such device it retails for $149 for the Windows 8.1 model and $89 for Linux model. There are currently being sold on New Egg website and surprisingly selling out real fast, so act now.



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