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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. The LG G4 Which One I should Buy


  For the past couple of years or so, I've had some serious thoughts on purchasing a Android base smartphone. Why you ask? Because there are a lot of features found within Android OS that has really peaked my interest, features unseen in iOS. 

As a current proud owner of a iPhone 6-Plus, I have minimal complaints thus far. Well, iOS 8 has a lot to be desired, but I'll let you read my review on the iPhone 6-Plus, just Google search my iPhone 6-Plus review you'll find a full review and my in-depth take on iOS 8. 

This year thus far we've seen a plethora of Android base smartphones unleashed to the market, some were very impressive. Two smartphones that has really keen my interest are Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the LG G4. Both of  these smartphones are on my radar for a potential purchase.

Just for the sake of the article let's assume I wanted to purchase a new Android smartphone right now, which will it be , the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or will it be the LG G4.

The decision as to which device I should purchase is rather difficult, both smartphones have some pretty impressive standout features and specs. One smartphone has an excellent display,while the other does an impeccable job in the camera dept, one has a removable battery while the other doesn't. Both smartphones are unique in their overall design,one has a smoothed curved edge dispaly,while the other smartphone comes with an assortment of back covers. Both of these smartphones has a unique quality that makes you want to purchase the device outright.

To make my decision less difficult, we put these two impressive smartphones against one another to determine which  device will win out for a potential purchase.

Will it Be the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The hardware in both of these smartphones are top notch and its what you should expect in any high-end mobile device, and that's impeccable components within.The Galaxy S6 Edge doesn't fall short of hardware greatness ,it has a Exynos 7 Octa chip with a 8-core 2.1MHz Arm Cortex processor,3GB of RAM, 128GB of embedded storage. Missing though is the SD-Card slot,for whatever the reason Samsung decided to take that feature out of this particular smartphone. An SD-card slots are always a big selling point in most Android base smartphones,but to make up for the deleted feature,you do get 128GB of storage, which for a smartphone is a great deal of storage.

If you were looking for a smartphone based on how well made is the display, then look no further than the Galaxy S6 Edge. Its super bright Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display, resolution that measures in at 1440 x 2560, 577 ppi pixel density. The display itself is constructed Corning Glass 4 which makes it resistance scratches. With its sharp bright display and all,the main star of the show is its curved edges. Users can actually swipe and open up apps on the edge of the device,hence the name,Galaxy EDGE. And lets not forget the notification lights that blink on the edge of the smartphone when you're receiving notification updates and phone calls, pretty crafty to say the least.

The battery power or shall I say lack thereof, it only has 2600 mAh capacity which is rather odd coming from Samsung, they're known for loading their mobile devices with enough battery power to get least a day and a half off of  one single charge pending usage. Another downgrade from Samsung is users no longer have the option in removing the battery. Battery removal is a big selling point for me,especially when you have the defaulted minimal battery capacity. If you can't upgrade,you should at least get more mAh capacity,but I digress.

The camera in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is probably one of the best on the market, 16 megapixels, 5 megapixels front facing,optical image stabilization can record in 4K and more importantly it has a F1.9 aperture size which is perfect for taking pictures in low light conditions. If you like a taking a lot pictures with your smartphone and want good quality images,then the Galaxy S6 is the idea choice. Looking in-depth in the video recording,the Galaxy S6 Edge not only shoots in 4K,but it can also capture video in 2560 x 1440(QHD), 1080p HD in 60 fps.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is nothing short of superb in my opinion,sheer genius. Just like what you have with the iPhone 6-Plus and that's  great design. The Galaxy S6 Edge has an all metal back and display dominated unibody with a nice compact build.

Or will it be the LG G4

Like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge,the LG G4  has excellent hardware, its rocking a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, ARM Cortex 64-biy  6-core 1.8 GHz processor, as you can see compared to the S6  its down a notch in processing speed which in itself is not a big deal because the iPhone 6-Plus pretty has similar processor speed. It has 3GB of RAM with only 32GB of embedded storage. The difference in the two smartphones is with the G4 as oppose to Galaxy S6 Edge is you get microSD card slot, giving users the option to bump up your storage capacity.

The battery definitely trumps that of the Galaxy S6 Edge with an incredible 3000 mAh capacity which in my opinion should be standard in all handheld mobile devices. Unlike the Samsung S6 Edge,this smartphone allows users to remove the battery if needed.

On the camera front,the LG G4 goes toe to toe against the Galaxy S6 Edge in camera technology so there's no real deciding edge here. It has 16 megapixels,8 megapixels front facing, like the Edge it can record video in 4K. The LG G4 does have an interesting feature that is rather impressive and that is the AF Assist Beam,its fast and accurate laser beam that's right under the camera lens,its main purpose is to aid auto focusing.

The display on the LG G4 is one of the best on the market and its main attracted feature, it has a super sharp and bright display just like what you have with the Galaxy S6. The display technology is a bit different from the other smartphone. Instead of having a AMOLED display as you have with S6 Edge,it uses a IPS LCD technology, the pixel density is a little less than the Galaxy S6 at 538 ppi compared to 577 ppi. Still and all the resolution is the same measuring in at 1440 x 2560.

Then we have the design of the LG G4 which is nicely compact squared off design, but nothing else in the way of anything impressive, but the main attraction in terms of design is the rear portion of the device is interchangeable. My favorite is the leather backs,which for me brings more character to the smartphones bland design. 

The smartphone I choose is.........

The Samsung Galaxy S6. When shopping for a smartphone,the thing that always catches my attention is great design,the Samsung Galaxy S6  has that. Not only does it has great design,but it has awesome hardware to match. Now there is a sacrifice in battery power, which for me is always a big selling point, but I can live with it because overall the smartphones scores well in all categories,great design,awesome display,impeccable hardware, and a damn good camera.


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