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Gigabyte Champion Series X99 Feature Rich Motherboard

When ask what motherboard should I use to build a gaming rig,I always respond by saying get the best motherboard that money can buy,even if you need to spend a little extra money. In the  case of the Gigabyte Champion Series X99 motherboard,you get what you pay,but what you're paying for is a piece of hardware that super rich in features and components.

Gigabyte by far in my opinion make some of the best motherboards in the hardware game,I can attest to this, they stand the test of time and I've never had any sort of component failure whatsoever thus far. That's why I would strongly recommend the Gigabyte Champion Series X99 motherboard for your next build,it has an over kill in features,which that in itself is a good thing.

Besides the obvious with Gigabyte Champion motherboard,yes it's built for high intense gaming,yes you sure can overclock this motherboard to the max and you can run SLI configuration,but the integrated circuitry and other features on the Gigabyte Champion is what make this motherboard be categorize as being in the unique status.

 Here's some of the loaded impressive features on this Gigabyte x99 motherboard.It has an Genuine All Digital power design that uses CPU power which includes both 4th Generation  and 3rd Generation PWN Controllers, This has 100 % digital controllers which is suppose to deliver precise power to the motherboard. A 3-Way / 4-Way Graphics that delivers 320Gb/s Bandwidth all made possible with a uniquely design PCI Express  that will utilize all of 40 lanes from the CPU. The latest M.2 SSD technology that outputs 10 Gb/s of data transfer speed,faster than SATA 3 which delivers only 6Gb/s.

Two other features that impresses me which makes this particular motherboard a must buy, it has the ability to run DDR4 memory,the next generation in RAM module that comes stock with 2133MHz frequency,it has memory encode XMP profile which automatically modifies the frequency and timing,this enables the memory frequency to rise up to 3333MHz all without bringing instability to the motherboard,another thing while we are on memory, this motherboard has an insane 8 memory modules which means it can support up to 128GB of system memory. The other standout feature is the Gigabyte G1 audio technology, equipping the motherboard with Gigabyte AMP-UP audio tech, this is suppose to provide the added boost to sound giving gamer's that realistic sound effects while gaming.

Sure the motherboard is not cheap at $309,especially when you can get a pretty decent board for half that price. If you are building a system and money is no object,get the best of the best in hard,get the Gigabyte Champion x99 motherboard.

On a side note,if you're interested in detail specs and a full review,head right over to PC Perspective.

Credit Source: Gigabyte 

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