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The Most Underrated Feature In Windows: CTRL ALT DEL Keys

The CTRL + ALT + Del better known as the control -alternate-delete keys are three keys on your keyboard that can get your computer out of a lot trouble and then some. On the other hand its safe to say its also the most under utilize feature that's never used, many computer owners don't know the full powers of the CTRL + ALT + Del buttons. What exactly can the CTRL + ALT +Del DO? It can do the following.

The CTRL+ ALT+ Del keys can: gain access to your task manager and click on process. There you will see which application is actually is using up a great of CPU power,memory and your hard drive. Scroll down the task manager you'll see the END task button. That is the super hero of all features in your Windows environment,the proverbial kill switch as you can shut down any running app that might be causing your system to crash.



The CTRL + ALT+ Del keys can: cut down on the number of applications that startup upon boot. Yes once again the three buttons will pull up your task manager. Click on the STARTUP tab where you can either enable or disable applications starting up upon boot. The less applications at startup,the faster the boot process.


The CTRL + ALT + Del keys can:  gain access to your Performance tab and actually view your computer operating in real time. You're seeing the technical operation of your computer. How fast your processor going, what percentage of memory is being used, you even can view your Ethernet connection in real time.

So next time you see the CTRL + ALT + Del,think of it as being the most important three buttons on your keyboard.


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