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A 12.9-Inch iPad Schematics Internet Siting With A Compared iPad Air Mockup Video

Apple has been long rumored since last year that will introduce to consumer market  a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Well it seems those rumors will morph into reality as there are images and video of a  12.9-inch mockup iPad' Pro popping up on the Internet. 

This is rather surprising to me considering the trend over the past couple of years by Apple is creating  much smaller and thinner tablets. But much smaller tablet have small displays which makes for a tablet with less visual real estate. Believe it or not,there could be a market of consumers who may indeed want a much bigger tablet,especially for those on-the-go business users.

Adding to the heated rumors was Unbox Therapy one of my favorite YouTube channels posted a video that shows a iPad Pro case which as you can see in the image I posted insanely dwarfs the iPad Air 2, Apples current flagship tablet. 

Along with the iPad Cases is a printed up image  iPad Pro, giving everyone a visual as to what it will look like if one ever materializes on the market.

 The mockup scale is 12.5-inch diagonally with a width that approaches 8.75-inches. One thing that caught my eye when I viewed the video,the printed up mockup appears to have a SIM card slot. Is Apple conceding to the idea of having a SIM card slot on their mobile devices? We certainly shall see.

My prediction if Apple sticks to script where they always release a new product every Fall,I expect to see a brand new 13-inch iPad Pro. Now its just my prediction so please don't hold me to it if a tablet never materialize.


Source Credit: Unbox Therapy

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