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PC Tinkers And Tweaks: Prioritizing Your Processor Level Settings

If you're following whats going on at or been following the old website,you know I like to introduce weekly features and tutorials. I do this because I'm man of the people that will do anything I can to lend a helping hand in regards to technology. The title of this new features is PC Tinkers and Tweaks.

This newly minted feature will focus on what you can do to bring your computer up to speed with software and hardware tweaks. Without further ado I bring you this weeks Tinkers and Tweaks where we talk about prioritizing your processor levels.

Often times you'll experience the sudden case of the computer lag,this is usually attributed to applications dominating  a large portion of your processor. Usually this is whats happening when you see a sudden freeze or lock with your software. Sometimes its not that one particular software that's the culprit, it could be more than one software trying to access the processor at the same time.

Resource hungry applications will often leave you with no choice but to let it finish,leaving you with no strong option.

Good news, there is a tweak for this,Windows has a simple way to manually set the processor priority level. Just open up your Task Manager,click right over to "Processes" or "Details" tab, then right-click on the program that causing your computer to go bunkers, and set the priority to either low or high. In this case you want to set it at low.Windows will now know to allocate all resources to other running applications first. You original application will than be able complete its task without any sort of difficulty.

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