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Fixstars Releases The World First 6TB SSD

It wasn't to long ago when everyone marveled at the fact a 1TB hard drive had graced the market. I mean it was really big deal,the idea of having a TB of space to load more music files, more videos,pictures and of course more applications at your disposal. Now 1TB traditional hard drives are now a premium, its common now days to see traditional hard drives capping out at an astounding 8TB. Even with a mass abundance of hard drive space, the price of TB spinning hard drives are insanely cheap nowadays. 

On the other hand with 1TB SSD,though they just recently burst onto the scene,they're still in the eyes of many considerably expensive than your 1TB traditional spinning hard drive. Expensive price and all,SSD's are starting to hit the 1TB storage capacity. 

The worlds first 6TB 2.5-inch SSD is about to be unleashed to the market by a Japanese manufacturer name Fixstars. Right along with the 6TB,they will also release 1TB and 3TB models. All three SSD's by Fixstars will carry these names, 1000M, 3000M, and 6000M, 6TB being the 6000M.The real star of this post is the 6TB model as it will offer 15nm Flash memory,the 1000M and 3000M will have 19nm Flash memory, 6Gbps interface. With a large amount of storage space available, these SSD's will still maintain its 2.5-inch form factor. The read speed will be 540MB/s and 520MB/s write speed.

Pricing of only one have been announced which is $820 for the 1TB model. At that price expect the other two models the 3TB and 6TB to pass the $1,000 price point. The 6TB SSD more than likely would not be in my next computer build,not because of affordability,but because Fixstars is likely shopping their 6TB model for the big corporations with large data-centers.



Credit Source" Geek and Fixstars" 

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