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Top 5 Most Used Exploited Software That Exposes Your Computer To Cyber Bad Guys

Its a given that anyone and everyone are prone to virus attacks,as long you're on the Internet no one is excused from being attack by cyber bad guys,no one. Did you know that some of the most popular software that you use on the daily basis are succumb to a barrage of cyber attacks. Mainly because these software are heavily use and very popular.

You'll  be shock at the list of software that are the most vulnerable to cyber attacks, the top five on my list are....

Google Chrome

There's a old saying if you want a more secure web surfing experience,your best bet is to not do it with Internet Explorer. As of late I would say my retraction for that bold statement is well deserved as Google Chrome has become equally prone to cyber attacks. In 2014 alone Google Chrome has had 124 opportunities for cyber bad guys to infect users of Chrome, and steal massive amount of user data.

Your web browser cookies is the main culprit for such vulnerabilities as it is used  to track your web surfing.


Adobe Flash Player

Then we have the infamous Adobe Flash player,probably the most constantly attacked software that has a heavy dependence by many computer users and web developers alike. Mainly because the software is still needed to run video in your web browser. 

Lets see where should I begin with Flash Player exploits, which includes malicious banners ads,stealing private passwords the list goes on. Flash now interacts with JavaScript which aids cyber bad guys to conceal their underlying activity.


Oracle Java Runtime (JavaScript)

If I had to sum up Java its this,its like leaving the vault door at a bank unlock inviting all kinds of thieving hands to court off money. Best advice from tech pundits like myself is to shut off Java script in your web browser by all means necessary. Enough said.

The main intent when using JavaScript exploit is  to gain access and modify private information, compromising Internet users by spamming emails.


Apple TV

Apple software can't get hack right,wrong. Believe it or not Apple TV actually made the top 8 most exploited software in 2014. Basically like any operating system or software that's popular and has Internet access, it will be susceptible to cyber attacks. The malicious code compromises user's private data that includes usernames and passwords.


Adobe Reader

Hard to believe that many still use Adobe Reader when there are so many alternative PDF readers out there  that's free of charge ,not bloated on the system and less prone to cyber attacks, like for instance,Foxit and if you're on Windows 8 it has a built-in PDF reader right into its operating system. Yet for those who still using this defunct PDF reader you should know is yes its another Adobe product prone to cyber attacks on a large scale.

This particular exploit is design to trick Windows users into clicking on a malicious PDF file sent right into your email. 



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