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G.Skill Gives Us Glimpse Of The New Trident Z DDR4 RAM (Memory)

G.Skill my favorite manufacturer of RAM (memory) a few days ago gave us a glimpse or a tease however you you want to perceive it of the new series DDR4 memory which made its showing at Computex which is a computer hardware trade that takes place every year in Taiwan. The  new memory module will come in both dual and quad channel, the folks representing  G,Skill  are aiming for peak performance in gaming PC's and it is overclock capable.

The Trident series RAM sticks is unique in its design that features a large stylize aluminum heat spreaders. If you look at the image above very closely it kind of resembles a large razor blade. The heat spreaders are paired with a color scheme accent bar which by the way users can swap out for a whole different color of choice to match your motherboards components, this could be an industry first not sure though so lets move right along.

There is no specifics from G.Skill in terms of clock speed and CAS latencies.The existing Trident X series that's currently on the market is already a  mighty beast, so I'm thinking the Trident Z can be push to the max, the Z series RAM can probably when overclock can achieve 3.400MHz clock speed.

G.Skill will announce its pricing and overall specs,so stay tune.


(Knowledge Nugget: CAS latency Column Access Strobe is time between the moment a memory controller tells the memory module to access a memory column, the lower the CL number the better the memory)

Credut Source: G.Skill and PC Perspective

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