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The Self Proclaim Perfect Gaming Mouse By Cougar,The 550M

I would have to say there at least several hundred brands of gaming mouse that's flooded the market. I myself have taken the liking to the RAT3 series gaming mouse,I actually own two different variants of the RAT3, and the gaming mouse have for the most part served me well. So when a manufacturer is boast that their new mouse as being "the perfect" gaming mouse,it most certainly got my attention.

Cougar are known to manufacture some pretty decent computer peripheral geared for gaming, some of them being the higher end option gaming mouse 600M and 700M,so I'm rather confuse the as to why the 550M gaming mouse would be their flagship.

Nonetheless the Cougar 550M gaming mouse from my perspective has a pretty descent ergonomics,how good it feels in the hands is the main determining factor. Cougar states that design allows gamers to reach peak levels for a long period of time without dealing with hand fatigue,again that has to be determine once I take it through a series of test.

 As far as spec numbers goes  the 550M has a SDNS-3988 optical sensor, it has 6,400 DPI and 1,000Hz polling rate. These numbers is pretty normal as to what you'll find in most gaming mouse the market.  I will certainly do full testing and a review once I gain access to this mouse . The mouse will retail for a pretty reasonable price at $59 and will hit the market in August.

Here's  a look a rest of the 550M specs listed below;

  • Onboard memory 512KB
  • Switches Omron gaming switches
  • Profile LED blackight: 2 zone,16.8 million color options
  • Frame rate: 12,500 FPS
  • Maximum tracking speed: 200 IPS
  • Maximum acceleration: 50G
  • Interface: Gold-plated USB
  • Cable length: 1.8 braided
  • Dimension: 135 (L) x 70 (W) x 45 (H0 mm
  • Weight: 120g


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