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The Next Generation Processor From Intel: What You Need To Know About Skylake

Intel right now at this very moment is on the verge of unveiling their next generation processor,which will be codename Skylake. It seems as though we're still getting to know the current Broadwell processor which is not even close to being a year old, yet what can Skylake improve upon what's currently out now. Broadwell processor already offers a big boost in performances and has less power consumption. There are other Broadwell variants on the market that is equally impressive to the Core-I series such as the Core M processors is which is also proficient in its energy consumption. A perfect match for thin form factor laptops, one being the new MacBook ( not the MacBook Pro) from Apple.

With the Intel Broadwell processors still being in its infancy and has the mantle of being Intel's flagship chip,little did we all know Intel has the Skylake processor waiting in the wings all prime for market release. Here's some gathered intelligence on the new Skylake processor and snippets of information you need to know.

What about Skylake though? 

There will probably be no big significant drastic changes from the previous generation processor. Remember there are no benchmark numbers as of yet to give us a full detail on actual overall performance so I'm basically going by gathered information I carefully read from various sources from the Internet. Its safe to say though we should probably see a mere modest increase in application performance and battery life on its mobile devices.

Intel will institute "wire free" computing, giving way to wireless charging support.We will also see the dawning of Skylake systems with the new Thunderbolt3 connection which will use a USB-C connection. That is the next generation peripheral connection that is suppose to be insanely faster than the current USB connection.


So What About Availibility? 

All rumors points to the Skylake  and PC's with the processor to be unleashed in August. 

Like you have with previous generations,Skylake will have its usual Core-I series processors with the  high-end chip being the Core i7, follow by the mainstream options Core i5 and Core i3. Time frame for Skykake processors in laptops to retail at Best Buy and Amazon will (pending) take place in October.

 Is It Tick Or Tock?

When it comes down to overall performance, Intel likes to divide its processor into levels of "Tic and Toc" . The "tick" cycle of a Intel processor represents major physical and structural changes to the processor, for example moving an entire processor 14nm transistor process, which is what happen with the current 5th generation Broadwell processor. Skylake on the other hand is now in the "Tock" cycle which represents added new features to previous size change.

 So Finally 

Probably the biggest question that should be ask is will the Windows 10 launch be impacted by Skylake? The answer is no,in fact both platforms will launch within days from each other. Windows 10 if you don't know by now will launch in a couple of days on July 29th. The high-end Core i7 desktop CUP's will launch first ,with consumer mainstream and mobile processors will likely follow behind months later,probably late Fall right before the Xmas shopping season. There will most certainly be no issues involving compatibility with Windows 10.

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