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Explanation Needed: What Is Intel's "Tick Tock" In Reference To?

If you at some point read an article that entail the entire architecture of a Intel processor, then you probably stumbled upon these two phrases often being used "tick Tock", which by the way is in reference to the actual processor itself. To the technology die-hards,the term tick tock is a known familiar phrase. On the other hand, those who are less tech savvy the term "tick Tock! can cause someone mind to enter in a state of confusion because you're questioning how is it in relation to an Intel processor. Just so you know,tick Tock! is not referring to some childhood game, nor does  it have to do with an actual clock or watch.

So what is "tick tock"?  A term that is used loosely by Intel whenever there's a new processor being unveil for consumer purchase every year. 

In technological terms, all tick-Tock! is in reference to how Intel release its new processor every year. Tick applies to how the processor itself is fabricated on a smaller die shrink ( "die" is the actual chip itself). Tock represents the processors entire micro architecture.

 To explore this even further,the tick! always features enhanced performance and energy efficiency on a much smaller,more refine silicone chip, while in the Tock! phase Intel processors deals with the optimizing value of the increased number of transistors thats left available by the tick. Basic integration of updates within the processor.

Example of how this technology works,Intel processors are given codenames, under these codenames the tick Tock! cycle takes place. SandyBridge processor (Tock) and Ivy Bridge (tick). The Haswell processor (Tock), Broadwell (tick), Skylake (Tock) and so on.

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