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Info Snips: Windows 10 Upgrade Rollouts

If by any chance you've been in a cryo sleep chamber for the past year or so you should know that Microsoft is releasing as I like to call it " the next big thing" Windows 10. This is Microsoft biggest OS release since 2012 when they brought fourth to us Windows 8. Much maligned by many PC owners, Windows 8 sort of received a very Luke warm welcome from the masses with the somewhat awkward looking metro tile interface and minus the one feature we all couldn't do without,the start menu button. Microsoft tried to redeem itself with an Windows 8.1 update,which sort of of put the Start Menu button in its rightful place. Still users had to deal with that pesky Metro Tile user interface.That left  disappointed Windows users resorting to third party solutions to enable the fame and much needed  start menu and button. 

As Microsoft started to lose its core user base, the tech Titan had to redeem itself back to respectability. Two years and 6 months, Microsoft brings you Windows 10.

Bits and pieces of Windows 10 has been out for a year now in a form of  the developers edition, I had a chance to mess with it on one of my test bench computers. I got to say I love it,the overall tech community  also rang positive reviews. Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been. In further describing the OS,I would say it's combination of both Win 7 and 8, with a dash of some spectacular features. And interesting enough,Windows users will get a taste of Cortona, the voice command software that rivals Apples Siri.

Here's how the whole upgrade process will work. Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 10 on  Tuesday night. I'm assuming it will start 12 midnight EDT my time, or whatever time zone you're residing in. The upgrade process will happen in waves, with Windows insiders getting first dibs, follow by preorder candidates. The wave are design to make the release more stable,any known issues with the download can be corrected on the next wave of upgrades. Microsoft will inform users with a notification informing that Windows 10 is now ready for download. 

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