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The Samsung 850 EVO And 850 Pro SSD Cracks The 2TB Barrier

Consumer branded SSD's have finally crack the 1TB barrier but for some reason its growth in added TB of storage have been somewhat stagnant. Yes there are SSD's on the market that go over the 1TB, but those storage drives fall in the "Baller" money status ranging anywhere from $3,000 -$5,000. The type of SSD's you'll find in the enterprising server farms. This just in,Samsung has finally brought fourth to the market a consumer version 2TB SSD, the 850 EVO and the 850 Pro.

Both these SSD's have the same features as it  brethren the 120GB, 250GB, 500GB and 1TB,only difference of course is the price,which is $1,000. Rather pricey to be called a consumer brand storage device, I would say this is more for the enthusiast that have a little bit of money to burn.

Your best bet if you entertain the thought of purchasing these SSD's the logical choice would be to go with the 850 Pro,according to spec numbers this particular storage drive is a bit faster than the EVO 850, both though are very similar in task and offer the same encryption features and power consumption.

You also want to take the warranty into consideration,the 850 EVO storage drive is rated for 150 TB written and have a 5-year warranty,while the 850 Pro storage drive is rated for 300 TB written and has a 10-year warranty.

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