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Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones: The Review

Last week I decided to purchase another pair of headphones to add to my collectables of headsets I already have in my possession. There are two headphones I take with me on my journey to work everyday and they are the ever so reliable famed Audia Tecchinica ATH M50 and the ear buds I use are the Klipsch Image X 10, two great sounding audio devices that has served well and still get its daily usage. Tech ethuisast like myself take pride in obtaining the best audio gear we can get our hands on. Even if it means adding to what you already have. So I was in the hunt for another pair of headphones.

My next pair headphones had to be on-ear with an detachable audio cable, output great sound, and has a nice stylistic design. In comes the Sennheiser Momentum, which I purchased from Amazon. The headphones seem to meet my standards on paper, but does it stay true to their self boasted text that's written on their package.? Lets read the review and find out..



The Sennheiser Momentum on-ear headphones has a nice stainless steel structure,from the head band all down the ear-cup.One the main attractions to the Sennheiser Momentum is the cushioned ear cups which constructed out of high-tech Alcanatra material which is suppose to be the same material that's used in your car upholstery and yacht. If you observe the head band you'll notice that the top portion also covered in the same material, top of the head band is covered in what seems to be suede like material,very stylistic to say the least.

The Sennheiser Momentum comes in assortment of colors, 4 to be exact, pastel blue, pink, green and brown-cream.  

For the most part, the Sennheiser Momentum has a nice stylish design. With it being all Stainless Steel though, you might think the headphones would be very heavy in weight but surprisingly its not.  It's actually very light in weight. Not only are very light in weight,but they are also nice and compact, which for me is perfect,the headphones does not make my head look small. The Sennheiser Momentum compactness design affords me extra space within my knapsack.

The negative? Well I should start with the overall fit of the headphones which can be very tight, and this is coming from a person who has a small head. I pity the person who has a large dome piece. The cushion part of the ear-cups is suppose to lend itself to being comfortable, which for the most part it does, but with it being so tight after about an hour or so of usage, the headphones begin to bring on pain on the earlobes.  This leads me to constantly take the headphones off so that pain on the earlobes can dissipate. The stainless steel band does not adjust well,as I found myself struggling to make the headphones fit for comfort. Unlike Audia Technica ATH M50, these headphones don't fold up which makes it prone to bend accidentally. 

The audio cables that comes with the Sennheiser Momentum are, well, let me be blunt and say they're garbage,that simple. For headphones that cost $107 I expect better audio cables, ones that actually work. Yes I actually had one cable which has the remote mic not work at all. The other cable had good sound output when there wasn't any static. Dear Seenhieser, if you're going to charge $100 for headphones, accessorize it with better audio cables. Great thing is the audio cables can detach from the headphone so you can purchase third party cables which I did.

My final issue is the cushion ear-cups though is comfortable, can get saturated with moisture when you perspire. To the point cushion ear-cups acts like a sponge, it even feels like a wet sponge,not a very comfortable feeling at all once moisture seeps in the ear cushion. Again, just like the audio cables, the cups can also come off which give users the choice purchase third party ear-cups,ones that's not made from Alcantra material.

Aside from the mentioned issues, the headphones has a very nice design. It's quite different  for me seeing headphones like these come in an assortment of colors instead of the traditional all black color scheme.  Also I must mention that Sennheiser Momentum comes in a very nice package and its accessorized with nice carrying case.


 When judging whether or not any type device in particularly headphones has great sound its all according to personal taste, some like it with excessive bass, others prefer more treble, low bass, more highs, less mids, you get the point. In writing this review I take it that there may be some audiophiles who might come across this post, so let me be a bit technical without losing the attention span of the technical inefficient reader. 

Great sound for me does not have an over saturation of bass,period. The same can be said about the Sennheiser Momentum,it for me has the right amount of bass,does not drown out the vocals and background music. Now there were many reviewers who said that headphones does not bold well with noise isolation,I on the other hand beg to differ. When I cranked up the volume, I cannot hear any outside noise take place,I get total isolation from the outside world. I guess it all depends on how high is the volume level.

All in all, the Sennheiser Momentum has great sound clarity.



You can't go wrong with these headphones,it has great sound,pretty nice sleek design, and is ultra compact. I mean whats not to like,other than the uncomfortable feeling after an hour of usage. The color schemes are also an added attraction for potential buyers looking for new headphones with style. My recommendation,buy the Sennheiser Momentum,your money spent will not be with regret.


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