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Google Has Made A Wireless Router And Its Call OnHub

It seems as though Google have their hands in just about everything nowadays,we know about their search engine of course, but they'er also into hardware,from Google Glass,to Chromecast. Then we have of course Project Loon which are balloons that float in the stratosphere that delivers the Internet to remote areas of the planet. We all know about Android mobile OS,the Nexus smartphone,I mean its just endless amount of technologies Google can implement.

Now Google wants to try their hands in consumer networking hardware and its call the OnHub. Which is a wireless router that suppose to be easy to setup and manage right out the box, and it will be able to tie together all of your entire smart home automation. The device looks very similar to Amazon's Echo with its cylindrical tower unibody, but the two devices operate entirely different. OnHub is a straight up wireless router,there are no built-in speakers to access Google Now.

Simplicity of the device is the key selling point with OnHub as it is very  easy  to setup and troubleshoot,unlike what you have with most wireless routers that's currently on the market. OnHub will connect to your iOS and Android smartphones through their app.


The key component with OnHub is its 13 antennas that's within, the router is suppose to automatically detect the best channel to suited for broadcast,that includes 802.11ac and 5GHz WiFi support,nothing new in terms of networking technology. "According to Wired" OnHub was constructed in partnership with TP-LINK which also has a partnership with Asus in the works.

Unlike most routers,OnHub will recieve firmware updates automatically which is rather refreshing considering updating your routers firmware requires a bit of technical know how.

Other notable features of interest is OnHub support of Bluetooth LE and Weave, this is Google's own smart home language which will allow OnHub to also serve as a smart home hub even though its main purpose to function as a wireless router.

OnHub the wireless router is up for sale for $199.99 and you can preorder the device right now on Amazon,it will hit the market starting Aug 31st.

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