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Tekspecz 2015 Back To School Tech Buyers Guide: Desktop Computers

 In the last episode of Tekspecz Back To School Buyers Guide I compiled a list of laptops  you should purchase that will aid you in your studies for school. I now present you with a list of recommended desktops that'll help you ease your decision making if by chance you're in a hunt for a new desktop. Like with the laptop, I present you with the top tier options that is very costly, the mid level exception which falls in line of being afordable, finally there's the option that is budget friendly.


 My Absolute Top Choice

The Mac Pro

I normally would not give recommendation to any desktop computer manufactured by Apple because of my lack experience in usage.Though you have to admit,the Mac Pro is amazing piece of constructively engineered machine. To be able to cram such great supreme hardware into small cylindrical shaped form factor is an amazing feat in itself. 

As with previous generations of Mac Pro's, this latest iteration pull no punches when it comes to hardware. Intel Xenon processor ( up to six-cores), Dual AMD Fire Pro graphics processors, 12-16GB RAM.

You might think that the Mac Pro is more than likely geared towards the professionals in the fields that require a powerful workstation. There are student who indeed use the Mac Pro,especially those studying computer graphic interfacing, art students studying film making and photography. Those studies I mentioned usually demands that you have excellent hardware.

If you can afford it,the Mac Pro is perfect for students looking for a powerful well put together workstation.

Price: Starting at $2,999.00

Selling Point: Incredible hardware in such a small package

Where to buy? Apple


Top Tier

The Maingear Shift

Though this computer is constructed specifically for gaming, the Main Gear Shift is probably one of the best Windows desktop computer that's on the market,it has garnished raved reviews from many tech publications. Very innovative design,and no other desktop computer has a better cooling setup like Maingear. You're starting to see many professionals purchase the Main Gear Shift and use it as their primary workstation. The hardware inside is a cut below with what you have with Mac Pro. Importantly,if you want to take a break from your studies and play some video games,this is the perfect computer to do so.

Price: Starting at $1,626.00

Selling Point: Innovative design and cooling also has incredible hardware

Where to buy? Maingear


Mid Level Exception

Dell Optiplex 3020 

Looking for a desktop computer that has decent hardware but don't want to sacrifice so much money,the Dell Optiplex 3020 is your best option especially if you want stay in range of about $500-$600. Perfect desktop computer for high school students.

Price: $599

Selling Point: Nice compact design with decent hardware to start.

Where to buy? Micro Center


Budget option

HP Pavilion

Budget option desktop computers doesn't always mean a sacrifice in quality. The HP Pavilion has decent enough hardware to handle spreadsheets and word document applications. The HP Pavilion also has a nice compact design.

Price: $399

Selling point: Price friendly

Where to buy: Best Buy





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