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What You Need To Know About The GeForce GTX 950

The graphic card is probably single most important piece of hardware on your computer system,next to the processor of course. Without the graphic you simply can't watch stuff like videos or any graphical content. The graphic card can also be the most expensive piece of hardware you'll purchase, that is of course depends on whether you're seeking to buy a high-end graphic card which usually fall in the high price category. The market for the most part flooded with good performing graphic cards that you can purchase right now on the cheap,or I should say you can obtain at a very reasonable price. That is exactly what we have here with the new GeForce GTX 950,nice decent graphic card that is reasonably priced.

What you need know about the GeForce GTX 950? For one, it's NVIDIA mainstream graphic card that you can purchase at a reasonable price for $159, and like its NVIDIA brethren's  the GTX 950 is based on the GM206 Maxwell architecture, which is suppose add boosted efficiency overall to the GPU.

The GeForce GTX 950 has a 768 CUDA Cores count, a 1024MHz base clock, 1188MHz boost clock, it's memory scaled down to 2GB, but that is expected since this is a mid-level graphic card, and finally there is 128-Bit Memory Interface. It's important to know that like what you have with NVIDIA's high-end graphic cards, the GTX 950 have that same amount of connectors, 3 x Display Ports 1.2, 1 x Dual-Link DVI, 1 x HDMI 2.0. These are just some of the specs and features you need to be informed on.

Clearly NVIDIA main intent here is to launch a mainstream graphic card that's geared towards the budget conscious system builder. First time computer builders should set their sights on the GTX 950,it's not the most powerful GPU around, but it can still output 1080p video with smooth consistent frame rates.

For a full review on the GeForce GTX 950,head right over to Hothardware website where they do full review on the graphic card.


Source Credit: HotHardware

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