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Intel 6th Gen Processor has Come Upon Us: Codename Skylake,What You Need To Know About The Core i7-6700K

Just days prior to Intel's actual launch this week I posted on this very same website leaked images of on Intel's 6th generation processor code name Skylake. Images that displayed the actual packaging and processor itself, also included was the listed pending specifications. Well Intel has follow right along with the rumored  leaks and images with the Core i7-6700K, Intel also released its 2nd tier processor Core i5-6600K, but since the latter is their top tier processor, will keep the spotlight on the  Core i7-6700K and tell you what you need to know.

Like Broadwell, Skylake stays within the 14nm process architecture, which ensures  you'll be getting a CPU that'll have maximize efficiency in both performance and power.

Intels flagship Core i7-6700K will use four-Cores and a eight-thread architecture, the same technical setup in most high end chips. The CPU clocks at an insane 4.0GHz to start with a 4.2GHz Turbo Boost. Memory cache will measure in at 8MB, with 91W TDP (thermal design power). Intel has boosted up their graphics by going with the HD 530, unknown is the overall architecture. Expect divulge information to be presented to the public in the coming weeks,Aug 18 to be exact at Intels Developers Forum.

Skylake will get a whole new form factor which will now be LGA1151. This means new marketed motherboards will be based on tha Z170 chipset. In glancing at my gathered notes, it seems Skylake will support both DDR-4 and DDR-3, with 2133/1600 MHz clock speed.

So what about PCIe on the motherboard? Skylake has you covered. The processor can now support 20 PCIe lanes 3.0. Those who have already got a taste of the M.2 solid state drives should know that with increase PCIe lanes, expect to see an influx of motherboards being outfitted with two or more M.2 slots, x4 PCIe pushing 3.0 bandwidth.

If you want full access to the Core i7-6700K it will run you $350 and will arrive in retail starting next week.

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The Intel Skylake Core i7-6700K and i5-6600K packaging Online Leak