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The New Third Generation Nest Thermostat,Slimmed Down With A Bigger Screen

When the Nest Thermostat debut in 2011, I was like oh shit, then calm myself down and proceeded to say I think we're looking at a device that will pose a paradigm shift in technology,a thermostat that actually works and doesn't require one to know advance mathematics to operate. Not only does it work, but the Nest thermostat is smart with simplistic functions, built-in sensors that uses an algorithmic engine that detects your current movement in your home and adjusts the temperature accordingly. Even more impressive, Nest settings can be tweaked via WiFi or cellular network.

Since the Nest inception in 2011 what was once thought of as being innovative, there are now two major competitors, Honeywell and Ecobee both have implemented their version of the smart thermostat with features that's on par with Nest.

Fast forward to present day 2015, we now have the 3rd generation Nest Thermostat with added features and improvements.

The new Nest Thermostat does not stray from its earlier model, same circular design,stainless steel dial, and familiar to us all is the display.

About that display though, it's the greatest improvement from the earlier models, the display is 40 % bigger and also has Improved its resolution, 480 x 480, with 225 pixels to be exact . This should improve all-round visibility from a distance. Even though the Nest display is much larger, it has a much slimmer build.

Nest has implemented two interesting new features to its 3rd generation thermostat. Previous gen thermostat relied on near field sensors which had 3 foot proximity, which allowed it detect motion activity. The new Nest has what it's call a far field sensor for new function dubbed the Farsight. Farsight works like this, it's main function is to see your thermostats target temperature or current time in both analog or digital modes from a distance. This enables users to spot time and temperature from a distance, all without to being close to the device.

The other added feature is called the Furnace Heat Up, this feature is for users who have a forced air furnace system. It suppose to keep track of your times your forced air furnace automatically suppose to shut off to prevent any type of overheating. This feature sense any type problematic issues and will send out alerts to your smartphone by way of the Nest app.

Last bit of information about the Nest Thermostat,users in the past have complained of dropped WiFi connection,the new 3rd gen model now has added WiFib/g/n 5GHz to its existing 2.4GHz of its previous models. If by chance you have the new model router,5GHz band will give you much better range.

The great thing about the new 3rd gen Nest is it still keeps its $249 price tag.The late generation Nest have dropped in price at $199 which you're probably better off getting if you're shopping around for the a smart thermostat.


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